10 Things You Need to Survive SDCC!








Geeks it’s almost here, can you feel the excitement?! SDCC is just around the corner, have you taken the time to start planning your days? Well if not, here are 10 things you need to survive SDCC.

SDCC-Logo1. Your badge: without this you can not get anywhere, but if you lose it we got you covered. What to do in case you lose your badge? Go straight to guest services at the Convention Center and tell them you have lost your badge (bring identification with you to confirm who are you!) and they will replace it for a small fee of $40.00. REMEMBER to hold onto your SDCC 2014 badges, you will NEED them to pre-register for SDCC 2015.

2. You Must have a trusty backpack or satchel. Put numbers 3 and 4, things you need to survive SDCC, into said trusty backpack.

3. Snacks you need to have snacks. The food at the convention is convenient, but expensive. Stop off at the nearest store and stock up. There is a Ralphs supermarket just a couple blocks away from the convention and is a cheap way to keep your belly full and energy up.

4. Water lots and lots of water. This is a necessity, especially if your cosplaying! Stock up and stay hydrated, it is key.

5. Make an agenda. SDCC releases the complete Program Schedule two weeks before the convention, so look out for when it is available and make an agenda. Trust me, it helps make things a lot easier when you know what you want to see.

6. Pen, autograph book, and camera. You never know who your going to run into.

7. If you’re looking for that exclusive check out and study the Exhibit Hall map. Learn where your booths are and make a plan because the exclusives go fast.

8. Comfortable shoes. Yes you read that right, shoes. Don’t be caught wearing sandals and open toed shoes, you will hate life. Grab your most comfortable shoes you have and wear those; you will thank yourself because once the dogs start to bark then your day quickly starts to suck.

9. Batteries, don’t forget the batteries. The last thing you want to do is be caught with a dead camera and no batteries.

10. Tablet, laptop, phone, and don’t forget the chargers for them! You’ll see something, or someone, important- don’t get caught without what you need to document it and get it posted for the world to see. There are many charge areas around the convention and outside of the convention.

Well Geeks that’s it a quick guide to what you need to survive SDCC. If you have anything to add let us know down in the comment section, and we will see you at SDCC.

Article By: Shane Holly/Obiwan