Bioshock: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Review


Burial at Sea Episode 2, Irrational Games last work and the final DLC to come out for Bioshock Infinite is the perfect farewell to the Bioshock multiverse. After the announcement that Irrational Games was being shut down we all knew that we wouldn’t see anything from the Bioshock franchise again after the DLC came out. As we played through Burial at Sea we begin to feel like the people behind it also knew that and made sure we were going to get a proper goodbye to everything Rapture and Colombia. Before I get all sentimental over this DLC lets talk about how awesome it is to visit Rapture for a second time with our two favorite heroes, Elizabeth and Booker Dewitt.


First off, Irrational Games answered every fan of Elizabeth prayer and let us play as the heroine for the first time and it was a great experience. Not only did we get to play as her but the game mechanics were tweaked to give us a true experience of being her. No longer could we just barrel into a room as Booker shooting off plasmids and guns. Stealth and cunning was more a weapon then ever before, stepping on glass or in a puddle would alert splicers and a menacing big daddy to your location. For once, in a long time we don’t feel safe at all taking on a big daddy either, we never have enough Adam or ammo to really face off against it. Along with tweaking to environment, the developers also added an extra layer to Elizabeth’s lock picking, it was a throwback to the hacking we did in the original game, grant slightly less complicated but equally challenging and risky.


For everyone that complained that episode one of Burial at Sea was too short, episode two, I think makes up for that with at least 6-8 hours of game play if you take your time and really explore your environments. I took even longer because I was trying to find all of the voice recordings, voxphones and kinetoscopes, (that’s why I’m writing this so long after the DLC was released). Burial at Sea 2 takes place sometime after the first DLC with Elizabeth returning to Rapture to rescue Sally, the girl she forsake when she let Booker die in the first DLC. Elizabeth feels guilty for what happens to Sally and feels she has to right that wrong no matter what, as great as a storyline that is already there is so much more to what’s going on. I’m definitely not going to ruin what happens in case anyone reading haven’t played yet, but for those hardcore Bioshock fans it is incredibly satisfying and honestly anyone who is a fan of Bioshock is most likely a hardcore fan.



At the end of the Bioshock Infinite we were introduced to the idea of a… SPOILER… Idea of a multiverse that Elizabeth was able to traverse through her tears, this was the first connection between Colombia and Rapture, which many people wanted to see. Grant it wasn’t the strongest connection, it almost felt like it could’ve been an after thought but after Burial at Sea 2 that connection became paramount to the Bioshock story. No longer are the games seen as Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and then Bioshock Infinite, this is why hardcore fans will love this DLC, it ties the story of all three Bioshock games together making each one important to the rise and fall of their respective “utopias.”


Not only is the story great but it is told with that magnificent Bioshock flair that made us all love Bioshock and Infinite, sorry Bioshock 2 wasn’t as strong in the story department (in my opinion) as the other two. It was a great early twist (SPOILER) that Booker wasn’t really there but only a voice in Elizabeth’s head, it brought that duo we love so much together without making Elizabeth rely on Booker at all. Burial At Seal 2 also brought back many characters in big and small ways, such as Fontaine, Dr. Suchong, Dr. Tenenbaum, Andrew Ryan, Daisy Fitzroy, and so many others. We meet a few of these characters, and hear or learn about many others and what their real roles to play were within their timelines.


Burial at Sea 2 is a very satisfying DLC in both gameplay and story and is totally worth the $14.99 if you are still on the fence about purchasing it. It is our last journey into the worlds of Rapture and Colombia and our last chance to hang out with Elizabeth and Booker. Burial at Sea 2 truly brings the games full circle in a believable way. If there were a DLC of the year award I would definitely vote for Bioshock Infinite’s Burial at Sea Episode 2.