Bioshock Infinite- Burial at Sea Review



Bioshock Infinite – Burial at Sea Ep. 1 DLC

Cover picture credits to: AcerSense

Return to Rapture


After a long and somewhat painful wait for the first story DLC to go live, it’s finally here and incredibly satisfying. There are many great things that work in BaS (Burial at Sea) favor, for one, we are returning to rapture with Booker and Elizabeth, two characters that we care about and have gotten to know in an intimate way as far as video games go. We’re no longer faceless avatar’s wandering around a devastated Rapture trying to survive, that alone makes the adventure even more exciting. On top of that though we are visiting a Rapture that players haven’t seen before, one in all its glory and splendor, I’ll be honest after walking out of Booker’s office and seeing Andrew Ryan’s face on a wall I said “It’s good to be home” out loud.


burial-at-sea-part-1-3-1024x576I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see some familiar places from the original game before it fell apart but what we did get to see really looked amazing, and true to what we envisioned Rapture to look like before it’s fall. Now anyone that’s played any Bioshock game knows that exploring the environment is half the fun but be weary of doing that too much before you complete your second objective “meeting Elizabeth’s contact at the Cohen Club,” I happened to do this my first time playing through and when I did finally make it over to the club the game glitched on me because Elizabeth wasn’t around when I talked to the door man. Going back to the last save point fixed the problem and after visiting the club you have to explore the surrounding areas anyway to continue. I’ve also read about another glitch that is plaguing player, endlessly cycling airlocks, I didn’t run into this problem playing through but Ken Levine as posted several Tweets that have assured players they are working on patches to fix the problem but going back to the last save point should fix the problem as well.


This version of Rapture reminded me a lot of Infinite’s Colombia, the flying city, everything was clean and gleaming, people enjoying their day and going about their day in peace. However, underneath all that there are hints of a storm brewing, whispered complaints and rivalries between Ryan and Fontaine. The Dark side of Rapture though well hidden by the grandeur but it slowly rears it ugly head until you get into the Cohen Club where it jumps out at you. Here you get your first look at Cohen, who is well on his way to becoming a Splicer, those crazy, plastic surgery addicted plasmid users that tormented us in Bioshock 1 and 2. The rest of the game gets back to the Rapture we know very well. Booker and Elizabeth are sent to a shopping district of Rapture that was sunk along with all of Fontaine’s spliced up followers.


Bioshock-infinite-burial-at-sea-2Everything up to this point required no violence at least on our part, so I was itching for some plasmid throwing and shootouts and was quickly satisfied. Nothing is really changed from Infinite’s combat system in BaS other than the weapon wheel from the original Bioshock is brought back, a fact that I love. I don’t want to talk too much about this part of the game so I don’t ruin anything for anyone that hasn’t had a chance to play yet. I do want to touch on the fan created plasmid that is in the game, Old Man Winter, the DLC got a lot of attention for adding in the plasmid and it wasn’t just thrown in there for the publicity. A main objective in the game is to obtain Old Man Winter to move forward in the story, which I think is awesome. To me, that really shows how much the team behind Bioshock cares about it’s fan base and how much they want to please us.


Many complained about how short Burial at Sea Episode 1 is but I really didn’t have a problem with that because of how well it was made. Quality was definitely put over burial-at-sea-4quantity while it was being produced, the DLC looked amazing and the story line was just as intriguing as Infinite’s story. It also helps that we were promised Episode 2 would be out very soon (fingers crossed). Over all Burial at Sea Episode 1 delivers exactly what we were promised and more in my opinion. It was a fun trip back to Rapture that all Bioshock fans have been waiting for.


by Guest Blogger: Joseph Murillo