Bioshock Infinite DLC Announced: Clash in the Clouds and Burial at Sea.


Great news Geek Nation! Bioshock Infinite is finally releasing some DLC content! So, for you season pass gamers, that means the $20 you coughed up is finally going to get some content in return!

Nearly four months after Bioshck Infinite’s release, you  could tell gamers were starting to get antsy about their investment. Naturally, who wouldn’t be? You paid money, so when are you going to get what you paid for? On top of that, Bioshock Infinite was an amazing game; of course you’re going to want to new content for it!  Worry not, the DLC is on its way. images (2)

As of right now, there is no new episodes or  story for you to play in Bioshock Infinite. It looks like it’s just some challenge map packs entitled, “Clash in the Clouds.” (If you have a season pass, you’re all good to go. If not, hand over $5) four maps, unique objectives to complete, waves of enemies. To make things interesting, or at least to try and get you to spend some extra cash on Bioshock Infinite DLC, you get some great bonus features called Columbian Archaeological Society- which is pretty much an in game library. You’ll get some great new lore on Columbia, with the usual behind the scene features, character concepts, etc.

As for the new playable story/ content- no release date, but Bioshock Infinite developers are hoping to have all of the DLC released by March of 2014. I may not have a concrete date for the Geek Nation, but I do have some information on what the new content will be! And this should appease the geeks for the time being, haha.

IGN reports that Bioshock Infinite’s DLC will be a two-episode playable story, entitled “Burial at Sea.” Each installment will cost about $15, season pass holders have already paid their dues and don’t have to worry about another charge.bioshock-infinite-dlc-detailed

What really grabbed my attention about this Bioshock Inifinite DLC is that you’re not playing in the setting of Columbia. Hold onto your controllers Geek Nation, you’re heading back to the city that started it all: Rapture. Yup, you read that right. For Bioshock Infinite’s DLC story, you’ll take a trip back Rapture, playing as both Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth.

However, you might be playing Booker and Elizabeth in name- but their characters certainly aren’t the same, and circumstances that bring them together are very different.

Bioshock Infinite’s “Burial at Sea,” will allow you to play Booker and Elizabeth before the infamous fall of Rapture. And yes, you will get to actually play AS Elizabeth- but she is a not a straight forward character for combat, she relies heavily on player strategy. Not only will you be returning to the backdrop of Rapture, with new plasmids to destroy your foes with, but it seems like you will be returning to the game ambience of the original Bioshock: a survival horror story.

What excited me most about this DLC is that you’ll finally be able to see Rapture in its prime and all its glory- before everything went to hell. Which is a nice touch, you’ll be able to immerse yourself into the environment; and let’s be honest, while we were playing the original Bioshock (as haunting as the destroyed city was) we all wondered what Rapture was like before disaster struck.  We all thought, “Hey wouldn’t it be cool to see Rapture before all this?” And this DLC allows you to do that.

On the flip side, Bioshock Infinite’s DLC disappoints me.

Sure, I’m a huge Bioshock fan- and I really enjoyed the first game, it’s what made me a fangirl! But, Bioshock Infinite made me a RABID FANGIRL; it escalated my fandom to a whole new level, and Bioshock Infinite has earned a permanent place on my “Favorite video games EVER” list.  bioshock_infinite_clash_of_the_clouds-2319578

Of course I bought the Bioshock Infinite season pass without any second thoughts because I was sincerely looking forward to returning to Columbia for more stories. I really wanted to see what other kind of time rift, alternative realities we could play. Now, don’t misunderstand- this return to Rapture can be analternate universe for Bioshock Infinite’s Booker and Elizabeth; but I would have preferred to played a time line where (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T PLAYED GAME. Which you should. Now.) Booker never gave up Anna, or where Booker really did take Elizabeth to Paris…I suppose they expected reactions like this from fans, and to appease us they gave us the Clash of the Clouds DLC. Its not the greatest content, but at least it still takes place in Columbia, in the Bioshock Infinite story line.

Truthfully, I would have loved to play an alternative story line, that was put into motion by the story set up in Bioshock Infinite…If that makes any sense.

BurialAtSeaThumb2Grant it, I can speculate all I want. I won’t be sure what kind of story line “Burial at Sea” is, until I play it. For all I know, it could be everything I want it to be. But, I don’t think it is. Ken Levin, Bioshock’s creator, said in an interview that the team had thought about alternative story lines concerning Columbia, and Bioshock Infinite…But, none of those ideas stuck. Instead, Levin was fixated on a noir type of Elizabeth walking into Detective Booker’s office…and hence, we have Burial at Sea. Though, I will admit, looking at that capture of the noir Elizabeth…It’s enough to silence whatever complaints I may have, haha. She does look like a scrumptious vixen!