Bioshock Infinite: Full DLC Character Design for Elizabeth


Ooooh, Geek Nation- have you seen? Have you seen the awfully pretty picture of Burial at Sea Elizabeth?

No? Good! I can show it to you!



We now have a full body rendering of what Elizabeth’s character will look like in the latest Bioshock Infinite DLC release, Burial at Sea. I’ll admit it: She’s kinda gorgeous.When Bioshock Infinite announced it’s DLC, Im pretty sure the internet let a breath of relief out. You can check out my initial article here( But, I bet when it was announced Bioshock Infinite would be returning to Rapture, and our beloved Booker and Elizabeth would be getting redesigns, the internet went a little crazy. Honestly, I went a little gaga eyed over Elizabeth. She was very cute in Bioshock Infinite; but in Burial at Sea someone in the character design department turned up the va-va-voom, and added a healthy dash of vixen for Elizabeth’s make over. Certainly not complaining- I mean, look at that picture.

And this not necessarily a bad thing- Bioshock Infinite creators made it clear that they were going for a private eye, super sleuth, detective feel for this new DLC; and when Elizabeth walks through Booker’s doors to offer him aBioShock-DLC-private-eye job (in true Private Eye movie fashion) you can tell they revamped her character to not only look the part, but she also received what looks like a serious dose of badass. Don’t get me wrong, Elizabeth is seriously awesome in Bioshock Infinite, but she was very unsure of herself for most of the game. In Burial at Sea (or at least by the teasers they have shown) Elizabeth seems to be best friends with Confidence and Attitude; and that’s sexy as all hell. Can you tell she’s a video game crush of mine? Haha.

tumblr_mqxgqg2M4x1rykgnfo1_r2_500Fangirl moment aside, I really enjoy this redesign for Elizabeth and it’s not only because she looks smoking hot; but because Elizabeth looks very in tune with the Rapture times. She truly fits into the environment, but you don’t loose that touch of Bioshock Infinite designs. She might be rocking a pencil skirt, with killer fish nets, and a stylish hair cut, but you can see that homage is paid to her Bioshock Infinite roots with her bird choker.

Since my last blog about Bioshock Infinite DLC, not a whole lot more of info has come out . We’re still unsure of Burial at Sea’s release date, but developers did give gamers some more insight on what we should expect when playing Elizabeth.

We knew from the first initial announcements that we would be able to play Elizabeth in Burial at Sea, but we really weren’t informed on what KIND of game play Elizabeth would be. Booker is obviously the character that goes in and blows up things (fun!) but players were told Elizabeth would be more like a horror survival. Not sure about you gamers, but there have been plenty of survival horror games where I have hacked and slashed through zombies, and the stuff nightmares are made of. Anyway, point being, you are not suppose to play Elizabeth as  guns a blazing, but stealthily.

In recent interviews Bioshock Infinite developers  clarified what it would be like playing as Elizabeth. You are able to enter combat with Elizabeth, however, since her character is mainly about tactics there is no NEED to enter combat every time. Elizabeth will still have her Bioshock Infinite “tear” power in this DLC, so we will most likely see levels where- instead of gunning down the bad guys- we’ll be traveling through tears, or coming up with distractions, to get past them. Think Hitman, or Dishonored, you’re able to cause havoc but the character is made for stealth and aversion.

I look forward to playing Elizabeth, and awesome as it will be to see her fire a sexy vintage gun, messing with tears and creeping around in the shadows will prove to be entertaining.

In my first blog, I made it pretty clear that I was worried if this Elizabeth we would be playing would be “Bioshock Infinite” Elizabeth  (the girl we saved from the tower, the one who killed somebody with scissors, and had serious mommy issues)  or if she would be one of the many alternative universes Elizabeth. Bioshock Infinite developers must has heard my prayers because they revleaed that the Elizabeth you will meet in Burial at Sea is actually your Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth.tumblr_mqrf0pnTki1rv0fbdo1_500

Well, that wasn’t exactly what they said, but they did say that Elizabeth is completely AWARE of all the events that took place in Bioshock Infinite; including (SPOILERS. WALK AWAY NOW)  the infamous ending of drowning her father. This also means Elizabeth has a better control of her powers, and a much better understanding of what her powers are. I hope we see more then just Elizabeth opening tears, but full utilizing them to whatever extent.

This will also make for interesting character development. Since Elizabeth is aware of the happenings in Bioshock Infinite, I can imagine she is carrying around a great deal of guilt. How does she feel when she walks through Booker’s door, knowing this man was/is her father and she killed him? Will she want to redeem herself? Will she want to save Booker? Will she never say anything about their relation, and walk away in the end?  It will be facisnating to watch, and I’m dying to find out.

I suppose, first, we need to get a release date out for Burial at Sea before anything else.