Dying Light: What You Need To Know

Dying Light Header

  Introduction  Dying Light is a first person zombie survival game created by Techland. Techland was the creators behind Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. In the early stages of development Dying Light was originally planned as a direct sequel to Dead Island, but Techland decided to build from the ground up and create a new IP.
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XBOX ONE Anniversary.


Geek Nation it has be a year since Microsoft released its next-gen game console the XBOX ONE. Since its release the system has seen more ups and downs than a day time soap opera; but the ups out weigh the downs. For example one of the biggest wins the system has had over the past
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GamerGate: Where It All Went Wrong.


What is GamerGate? Lately this hastag, and group, has exploded all over social media and the internet- it is known as GamerGate. Cute, somebody knows history and wants to make a play on the Water Gate scandal. This should give you a pretty good understanding of what GamerGate FIRST started as. Between all the social
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