Comic Con 2014 Pre-Registration Update


Hey Geeks! Here’s an OFFICIAL SDCC 14 pre-registration, update, email:


Dear Comic-Con 2013 Attendee,

As you may be aware, all Comic-Con 2013 attendees were asked to keep their physical 2013 badge to be eligible for Comic-Con 2014 preregistration. Each Comic-Con badge contained a unique code that will be used for online preregistration. As a one-time courtesy, Comic-Con International will automatically enter your 2013 badge code for this year’s preregistration event.

However, new junior attendees (age 13 as of November 1, 2013) who attended Comic-Con 2013 as a child are still required to enter the badge code from their physical Comic-Con 2013 child badge to be eligible for 2014 preregistration. For more information, please visit

This one-time courtesy will apply to Comic-Con 2014 preregistration only. Attendees will be required to keep their physical Comic-Con 2014 badge and badge code to be eligible for Comic-Con 2015 preregistration. Please be sure not to sell, trade, or give away your Comic-Con 2014 badge or badge code, or you may not be eligible for 201 5 preregistration.

For more information on Comic-Con 2014 preregistration, please refer to the Comic-Con website:


Comic-Con International

Long story short for those looking to pre-register for Comic Con 14- if you have a Comic Con 13 badge, your code has already been entered into the system and you will be eligible to pre-register for Comic Con 14. However, if you DO NOT have a Comic Con 13 badge, you will not be able to pre-register, and have to wait till the general tickets go on sale. Dates for general ticket sale are still unconfirmed. Dates for pre-registration are also unconfirmed. It looks like moving forward for all future Comic Cons you will need to keep the previous year’s badge in order to get the pre-registration for the next year’s Comic Con.

I’ll keep the Geek Nation posted with all the email I receive, and the best of luck to all of you! I hope to see you all at Comic Con!