Competitive Pokémon are on a Whole Different Level


Hi everyone, this past Wednesday I attended that SDCC Pokémon Tournament for Craft Beer Lovers, and I have to say that I had blast. Despite the fact that my Elite Four dominating team was demolished by all those that I battled, I still enjoyed every moment of it as did everyone else. Having the tournament at Ballast Point was a great idea, everyone congregated in the outside patio area where it was cool and open so we weren’t on top of each other. I would say somewhere around 30-40 people showed up, all different ages and from different places. I met two brothers from Hawaii here for Comic-Con that were incredibly nice and helpful.


2014-07-23 19.39.412014-07-23 19.40.09That was probably the best thing about the tournament though: everyone was friendly and encouraging. After my first crushing defeat I was worried I was going to be belittled or mocked but quite the opposite happened. My opponent shook my hand, said great game and then went on to explain how using IV points and breeding to get special abilities has a strong effect on Pokémon. It was a huge eye opener for me, I knew there were things you could do to beef up Pokémon but I never understood any of it until he explained how it all worked.


After that first battle I went inside real quick and grabbed a beer to get the courage to battle again, it was nice knowing that I wasn’t sitting in my room by myself playing Pokémon and drinking (which I swear I’ve never done). My second opponent was surprisingly even more helpful than the first, our battle lasted more than two minutes and in the end it was his Greninja versus my Greninja. The only difference between our Pokémon was that his had a special ability called Protean, which allowed it to become the type of whatever its attack was. That ability was a total game changer. After the battle he offered to trade me a Froakie (Greninja’s pre-evolution form) with the Protean ability for a throw away Pokémon.


2014-07-23 19.38.31From that point on I had no problem battling people, even expecting to lose because I knew my pokemo nand  I were out-classed; no one there was going to make me feel that way. Everyone was just there to have a great time and make new friends. The organizers of the tournament, Therisse VMA and Jorge Amunatigui, were very pleased with the turn out and enjoyed battling with everyone as well. I will say that I did not lose every battle I was in thankfully, I have a 1-8 win/loss record at a tournament now, but would happily go to another one if they are all as fun as this one. I definitely admire the work and dedication the other players put in to create such strong Pokémon and see why not everyone competes in tournaments.


Lastly, I would just like to say thank you to The Squeakend and to Therisse and Jorge for creating the event and I hope that they do it again next year if not sooner. I’ll definitely be using all the knowledge I gained to get ready for round two.


P.S. Cloyster is one seriously powerful Pokémon, never expected that


By: Joseph Murillo