Cosplay Building Experiences


What’s going on geeks? This year’s San Diego Comic Con International was an amazing cosplaying experience for me. I feel I did the10514719_10204186984864681_782891888952698541_n right thing and only cosplayed for 2 days, but the one thing I regret is not having a cosplay I made myself. So, after a long deliberation I decided to make my own cosplay for next year. I am doing a custom Halo Spartan Armor that you haven’t seen in the game or in any of the graphic novels

I wanted to give you all an idea of what I have learned so far building my own cosplay. Right now I’m almost 6 weeks into my build, and I’m about 75% complete with my phase one build.

Now you are asking yourself: “what do you mean phase one?”  Well, it all depends on the process of what cosplay you are doing. Whether you’re doing a non-armor cosplay or a armor cosplay, you have some steps to follow and to me each step is a phase. Phase one is design your own cosplay or concept. This means use reference material, i.e. the internet, graphic novels, action figures, books, movies and video games. Find your inspiration and roll with it.

shanes aromo buildPhase two is the build; I’m using foam for this armor because it is simple and cheaper than doing it with pepakura. In this phase I learned that to not give up, even if your first try doesn’t look like you want! It is alright to start over and try different things. Don’t get discouraged! If all else fails just step away and come back to it later, so you can clear your head and relax. It’s important you keep a level head.

Phase three is the hardening stage. This is where you use a material to harden your pepakura or foam. You want to research your hardening materials. Some can cause your foam to melt like Rondo, it will turn you foam into a liquid mess, so make sure you research the different kinds out there. Most people use fiberglass, some use a spray hardener like Plasti Dip. A cheaper way of doing it is to use old school Elmer’s wood glue; this is an inexpensive way of hardening your foam.shanes armor build 2

Phase four is to paint your creation. There are many types of paint you can use here, most use spray paint and if you have the equipment you can use an auto body paint. Which ever you choose make sure it’s the color you want because it would suck to have to repaint your armor.

I hope this helps you and your decision to do your own cosplay! If you do decide to make your own cosplay, the best advice I can give you is to have fun with it, don’t get discouraged and enjoy yourself.


By: Shane Holly/Obiwon2296

You can follow Shane on Twitter @Obiwon2296