Dota 2 released. Valve pushing E-Sports to new levels.

Dota 2

After an almost 2 year Beta, Dota 2 has shed its development robes and became a full fledged release. In that time period its been through many development cycles, clearly benefiting from the almost 3 million unique monthly player base, and an average concurrency of 300,000 players. Early this morning Valve released a statement in regards to the beta ending opening the flood gates for everyone to come try their F2P MOBA. Thats not to say if you are coming to the game for the first time, it’s a simple download however, new players are being put into a launch queue to ensure everyone’s download goes quickly and efficiently (are you reading to this EA?) so if your download does not start auto-magically don’t panic. To enter the launch queue, just search Dota 2 on steam and press download, and will start the download.

DOTA-2-4Boasting 112 playable champions this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena pit’s players against each other in all out PVP. Original Dota (also created by Icefrog) players will feel right at home with the pace of the game, which rewards team work and strategy over brute force and solo tactics.

Those of you more familiar with other MOBA’s such as League of Legends are in for a surprise at the step up in game play they are normally use too, seeing as Valve has design this game from the ground up for e-sports competition. Valve backed this up by announcing the game with a $1.6 million annual tournament called The International back in August of 2011. They continue to support this endeavor by upping the prize pool to $2 million for The International 2013 tournament coming this August 7th-11th to which you can buy pay-per-view esque live stream tickets for through the Dota 2 Client it’s self.

Personally as a retired pro level Counter-strike player, who’s been vetted through over 5 years of CAL play, I am excited to see this kind of commitment come stateside, even if the game isn’t a FPS.  The level of dedication and commitment required to compete in top level game play would rival most real sports athletes, and to have such a large entity in the gaming community like Valve backing it up, I believe we will actually start seeing more televised events like this in the future. Only time will tell.