Fanime Coverage – Day 3

FanimeCon Coverage


12:00: It’s my last day at the convention so I’m hoping to get a handful of cosplay pictures before the FMV results from yesterday’s showing start at 2 PM.

1:00: Victory! Some cosplay photos below

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1:30: I arrive at Stage Zero a little early to try and get seats for the FMV award ceremony, but I notice that the Fanimaid cafe staff are still performing. For those who haven’t been to fanime – the Fanimaid cafe is a booth that serves food and drink served by girls in maid costumes. They work on dance routines over the course of the year and a few of them perform songs from some of the fans favorite series.

The Fanimaid Cafe Staff take their final bow

The Fanimaid Cafe Staff take their final bow

2:30: The fanimaid staff finish with their performances as announcers take the stage and begin reviewing the Judges’ choice for the winners first. For those of you who are now interested in the AMV scene, here are the winning videos for you to look up:

Judges’ Awards


First Place: Make Your Own Tomorrow by CompBros

First Place: Inhumanity by BecauseI’mBored1


First Place: A Piece of Toast by BakaOppai


First Place: AMV(&humor) by BasharoftheAges
Judge’s Best in Show: Cosmic Love by NekoKitKat


Audience Awards:


First Place: Time Falls Away by AdventLostKaichou


First Place: Inhumanity by BecauseI’mBored


First Place: Cosmic Love by Nekokitkat


First Place: Anime 101 by VivifxAMV

Audience Best in Show: Anime 101 by VivifxAMV

4:00: Well, with Sunday starting to wind down, and me with a plane to catch, this is where I bid Fanime adieu for 2014. There has been some commotion regarding concerns over the quality of guests that Fanime has been able to secure in recent years. That, combined with the registration woes of the previous years led many wondering if Fanime would continue to be as influential and popular. If this year is any indication, I would say that Fanime won’t have to worry about that for some time. Even though they didn’t secure major industry panels or announcements, it’s still a beloved convention by its devoted attendees, and the dramatic improvements to registration will certainly help to bolster its reputation.

Until next year geek nation, we say goodbye to Fanime!

Did you go to Fanime this year? Feel free to sound off on your experience in the comments.