OK Geeks today I aim to misbehave a little.

In 2002 writer- director Joss Whedon came up with a little show that you all may have heard of :Firefly. We all know the story and fate of the show but let me refresh your memory and in a brief moment open some old wounds.

FireflyPosterFirefly debuted on the Fox network back on September 20th, 2002 and was aired out of order by Fox and only lasted 1 season. Fox’s reason of cancellation was that it wasn’t appealing to the right audience. Well what the hell did they expect? That all of Buffy nation wouldn’t grow up and follow Joss Whedon to the ends of the Verse and back to see his new story’s on the small screen. I bet they feel like a bunch of tools now that they know how huge this show really is?

Nope, they don’t. They’re a bunch of morons as we all thought. Their expectation for the show was an age group of 18-25 but what they got was an age group of 25-35. So, because of this fact they cancelled the show just after 11 episodes. It wasn’t for the lack of ratings, because it still holds the record for most highest rated television show against “Our Mrs. Reynolds” rating– which took the throne from Star Trek.

I find this funny just for the fact that the show has won a number of awards even when the show wasn’t on air anymore.

Those awards are as follows:

Emmy Award: Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series, 2003
Visual Effects Society: Best visual effects in a television series, 2003 (episode “Serenity”)
Saturn Award: Cinescape Genre Face of the Future Award, Male, 2003 (Nathan Fillion)
Saturn Award: Saturn Award for Best DVD Release (television), 2004
SyFy Genre Awards: Best Series/Television, 2006[113]
SyFy Genre Awards: Best Actor/Television Nathan Fillion, 2006
SyFy Genre Awards: Best Supporting Actor/Television Adam Baldwin, 2006
SyFy Genre Awards: Best Special Guest/Television Christina Hendricks for “Trash”, 2006
SyFy Genre Awards: Best Episode/Television “Trash”, 2006
and these are just the awards they won.

The real reason for this article isn’t just to walk down memory lane and talk about how amazing the show is (well it is!) but to talk about the fact that there is a season two for this beloved series!!!– and no it is not Serenity which is one of the best Sci-Fi films of all-time and won the award for best Sci-Fi film in 2005 from the SFX Awards.

e2f35aee162d5efa4cc55070d303e67fSeason two of Firefly comes to us in Comic Book form. Serenity Firefly Class 03-K64: Leaves on the Wind, is in fact what us Firefly/Serenity fans have been waiting for. Zack Whedon writes all six issues. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight and Season Nine penciller, Georges Jeanty does all the penciling. The miniseries continues the story roughly 39 weeks after the events of the film which is 9 months. No if you have read Patton Oswalts Serenity: Float Out then floatoutyou know what happens in the 39 weeks since the end of Serenity. Now I don’t want to go into to much detail and spoil the story for you but it does welcome back some characters from the Series that we thought were long gone and introduces some new faces.

Here is story description:

In the film Serenity, outlaw Malcolm Reynolds and his crew revealed to the entire ‘verse the crimes against humanity undertaken by the sinister government–the Alliance. Here, in the official follow-up to the film, the crew has been in hiding since becoming everyone’s most wanted, and now they are forced to come out. River uncovers more secrets, leading these former Browncoats on a dangerous mission against the Alliance that, with hope, will bring them together again”

Now I’m a little bias when it comes to this series of 6 comics, but this is with out a doubt what Firefly fans have waited 12 years for and it is glorious. I just wish Zack would give more!!!!!

This is a must read for any Firefly fan and makes you fall in love all over again with the series and reminds you of how amazing it was.


Let us know if you had a chance to read this gem and what you thought are? Also share some of your most memorable moments from the show?

Until next time stay Geeky my friends.

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