Game of Thrones: Season 5 Character Leaks


We know that a lot of members in the Geek Nation are devout Game of Thrones viewers- so, we have some great, and recently LEAKED, casting information for season 5! Thank you to for the info, and the wonderful undisclosed source!

Below is a list of characters that HBO put out a casting call for: (and a little description too, for those of you who don’t – BUT SHOULD-read the books.)


Doran Martell by Mathia Arkoniel

Doran Martell by Mathia Arkoniel

Prince Doran Martell– the eldest and first prince, of Dorne- who was expected to attend Joffery’s wedding.  Doran is suppose to the be the new powerhouse character from the land of the sands. Doran will be one of the older characters, in his 50’s, and bound to a wheelchair due to severe case of gout. Doran is known to be bit of recluse, so when we see him interacting with other characters you know it’s going to be a power smack down.




Prince Trystane Martell– You remember Cersie’s daughter, Myrcella? Well, this is her fiancé. Son to Doran Martell.




Areo Hotah– Recluse prince? He’s going to need a bodyguard, and that’s this guy.




The Sand Snakes.


If you’ve read the books, you KNOW who the Sand Snakes are. During this season, Oberyn mentioned that he had several bastard daughters, 8 to be precise. The eldest four, have different mothers, the youngest four by his current paramour Ellaria Sand. His daughter’s refer to themselves as the Sand Snakes, alluding to Oberyn’s nickname, “The Red Viper.” You can be damn sure they’ll be looking for revenge. Season 5 has three of the Sand Snakes confirmed:



Obara Sand by Elia Fernández

Obara Sand by Elia Fernández

Obara Sand– the eldest Sand Snake daughter and the most athletic. This daughter is not known for her beauty, but rather her physical prowess. She favors the spear, just like her father. It is noted in the casting description, that Obara will be having a major fight scene with another major character…and it isn’t a character she meets in the books. Well, there they go changing the book plot again!





Nymeria Sand– the second oldest of the Sand Snakes, and is referred to as “Lady Nym,” as her mother was a nobleman from Volantis. Nymeria is beautiful, and has a tendency to wear her emotions on her sleeve. Lady Nym favors daggers as her weapon of choice.

Nymeria Sand by Elia Fernández

Nymeria Sand by Elia Fernández





Tyene Sand by Elia Fernández

Tyene Sand by Elia Fernández

Tyene Sand– Ironically, Tyene is the daughter of a Septa. (Oberyn, honestly beds whoever he wants, and we know that)- It matches her pious heritage; Tyene has the most angelic and innocent look about her. With cascading blonde hair, blue doe eyes, she hides her treachery with sweet smiles and- much like her father- kills with poisons.



We can except to see the kingdom of Dorne to be added to the Season 5 opening credits, because this will be a place of major focus for the upcoming story lines.

Personally, I’m very excited to see the Sand Snakes and can’t wait to see them in action.

Here are some other character’s that are looking to be casted for the upcoming season:


High Sparrow- head of a religious movement that will be part of an over arcing plot.  High Sparrow is the High Speton of the Faith of the Seven.  Honestly, this is the character you’re going to love to hate, and there will be times where you’re with him and when you want to murder him.



Septa Unella– Septa to the Faith of Seven. Her casting notes say that Unella will be spending A LOT of time with a major character. Let’s just say, this woman is out for confessions.




Maggy the Frog– is a fortune teller that is slated to appear in one episode




Lollys Stokeworth- Remember that Bronn mentioned he was marrying (who Tyrion considers was a bit of a moron) this is his wife. Looks like everyone’s favorite sell sword will be around for another season.

Yezzan- a slave trader from Mareen.

The Waif- the strange child, that Arya encounters. Casting notes say that this character is to be played by an older actress (older than Arya), and they are looking for East Asian descent/esthetics, for the part.


Strong cast of characters for Games of Thrones season 5; and because I really don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read the book (WHICH YOU SHOULD, they’ve been out for over a decade…) I’ll be providing an additional article where we analyze these character choices, and can get some good predictions in for what we should expect in the upcoming season of Games of Thrones.