Game of Thrones: Season 5 Plot Spoilers


With season four of Game of Thrones wrapped up, we have to wait another 10 months till we get to see the latest and greatest dramatics in Westeros. However, that sure as hell does not stop the speculation and spoiler train.

Then again, the books have been out for over ten years, there are NO spoilers in my opinion- read the books! Regardless, leaked information on the upcoming season of Games of Thrones usually seems to be in plethora- not too long ago, casting info for HBO was set the internet ablaze. You can check out a list of upcoming characters for season 5 here

Since we have an idea of what characters are coming into play next season, book readers can deduce (or just guess, because nothing is ever confirmed till it’s on air) how the next Game of Thrones arc might play out.

Yes, this article will contain possible SPOILERS for season five of Game of Thrones, so turn away now if you haven’t read the bloody books.

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Season five, put out a huge casting call for a lot of characters from Dorn; safe to bet that the political spotlight will not only follow what’s happening in King’s Landing and Mareen, but also Dorne. I mean, after all, their second prince had his head squashed in King’s Landing- there will be consequences.

Speaking of Dorne’s second prince, Oberyn mentioned he had several daughters (all bastards, mind you) who are fiercely loyal to their now dead father. His daughters call themselves the Sand Snakes- a play on the bastards last name of Sand, but also alludes to their father’s name, The Red Viper. Obara, Nymeria, and Tyene Sand have been confirmed for the upcoming season, which mean the Sand Snakes will be plotting vengeance for the deceased father.

In the books the Sand Snakes approach Doran Martell (first prince, brother to Oberyn) and demand vengeance. In a political chess move, Doran has the Sand Snakes held captive in Dorne. The youngest daughters are also held in Dorne with mother, Ellaria Sand (the lady that let out that ghastly scream of horror when Oberyn had his head squished).

Interestingly, in the leaked casting call, Obara –eldest Sand Snake daughter- has a scene change that differs from the book. In her casting description, it is told that Obara will be crossing blades with a major character. Right there, we already have a change made from the books- but we have to wonder if Obara will be locked in battle with another major character, does this mean she is roaming about Westeros for vengeance andnNot held captive in Dorne? If Obara is not captive, does that mean her sisters are also freely moving about? Or is this fight sequence for Obara BEFORE Doran puts the Sand Snakes in cages?

We should all know, by now, that Tywin certainly got what he deserved and is dead. The actual King, or string puller, of King’s Landing is dead! – Serious shit is about to happen. (Pun, SO intended)


This is the Game of Thrones; do you honestly think  that poor, sweet, young, Tommen is ready to actually man the throne? Like his brother, Tommen is merely a figure head. Now that Tywin is dead who will be the string puller? Yeah, you guessed it, Cersei.

With the introductions of High Sparrow, Septa Unella, and Maggy the Frog, book readers will know that the next season will have a heavy focus on Queen Cersei.

Ever wonder why Cersei was always so poisonous to Sansa or Margary? Cersei was told by a fortune teller, Maggy the Frog, that she would lose her place as Queen and her children, to a younger, more beautiful woman. This younger woman, would be the start of dark times for Cersei – lets forget the fact that she really planted all the seeds of her own doom. In season five, viewers will most likely see the prophecy that has been hanging over Cersei’s head since childhood.

High Sparrow by Marc Fishman

High Sparrow by Marc Fishman

High Sparrow, the High Septon of the Faith of Seven (Think head hancho of the dominant religion in the area) also means the beginning of the end for Cersei- as she allows High Sparrow to reinstate the Faith Militant. Basically, military police who will throw your ass in prison for any adulterous, or deemed sinful, crimes you have committed. How kindly do you think the Faith Militant will judge incestuous, murderous, queens?

Marc Simonetti.

Arya in the House of Black and White by Marc Simonetti.

And then HBO put out a casting call for Yezzan- the info on the casting sheet was pretty nil, just saying Yezzan was a slave trader from Mareen. Well, at least we know Tyrion will end up where he needs to be and quite possibly we will see more Jorah, as his partner in action.

Finally, only shower viewers think Arya has sailed off in the sunset for a happy ending. Well, its hard to say if its happy or not- but it’s the road Arya has chosen by her own accord….for once, during the entire series. She sails to Bravos, and there we will meet one of the final leaked characters that is looking to be casted: The Waif. With the introduction of the Waif, its confirmed that Arya will be introduced to the House of Black and White – a temple to the Many-Faced God-  and initiated into the assassin guild known as the Faceless Men.

The real question is: WHEN DO I GET TO SEE LADY STONE HEART?!