Geeky and in Love- Our Favorite Geek Couples!


Whether you’re a single, fabulous, Geek or happily paired with your player two- you can’t deny that today is Valentine’s Day. Geektrum is throwing our hats into the ring is obnoxious love themed posts as well! Below you will find the Geektrum writer’s favorite geek media couples….In no particular order, or ranking, because we would just fight among ourselves about which couples ranks higher than others, and this post would never go up.

Mith’s Picks:

I’m always down for some geeky romance! Here are my top two couples from all things geeky:

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Simon and Nia Teppelin (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Where do I even start? From the moment Simon discovered Nia’s discarded shell, we knew that there was something more to these two. Nia’s profound selflessness, unbeatable optimism and constant encouragement of those around her made her one of the most beloved characters in anime from the last decade. It made the events of the latter half of the series all that more heartbreaking, and of course, there are many of us still recovering from her ultimate fate. Still, the memories that she and Simon gave me makes them my absolute favorite couple.


Yuri Hyuga and Karin Koenig (Shadow Hearts)

Shadow Hearts is definitely one of the most under appreciated RPG series out there, and buried in that lost treasure is one of my favorite couples in gaming: Yuri and Karin. Their relationship brings a whole different meaning to “It’s complicated”. Their unorthodox history, witty banter, and Karin’s ability to be a sheath for Yuri’s demonic powers makes them one of my favorites.

Yuri Hyuga: Karin, there’s still time. Give it up!
Karin Koenig: Oh, come on. It’s too late.
Yuri Hyuga: Yeah, but you don’t really want to see the inside of my heart.
Karin Koenig: Something embarrassing there?
Yuri Hyuga: Bite me.
Karin Koenig: Maybe you just wanted to hold hands with the old man.
Yuri Hyuga: Bite me.

eeB’s Picks:


Leonard Hofstadter and Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

By far the funniest and fun couple in my opinion. Penny’s attempts to absorb geekdom makes for some great satire comedy, and watching their character development through the show, they tackle many of the obstacles real geek couples face. Like what movie to watch, Star Trek or Love Actually? (Star Trek duh)

David Duchovny , Gillian AndersonCreated byChris Carter

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (X-Files)

These two go through so much crazy stuff, but at the end of the day you can just SEE the sexual tension radiating off these two, which lead to some of the best scenes in the whole show. Watching the comedic passes from Mulder in his casual style They were the parents I never had as I grew up.

Obiwan’s Picks:


Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Inara. (Firefly/Serenity)
Why their love was so amazing to watch unfold on the little screen. We were glued to our televisions and stared in frustration because Mal and Inara were madly in love with each other; but Mal was to dumb to realize it till it was too late and FOX canceled the show…those d-bags. But thanks to the master himself, Joss Wheadon, we got to see it all come full circle in Serenity.


10 and Rose (Doctor Who)

The Doctors one true love. I mean hell how could you not love them together? He loved her so much, he gave her a clone of himself so he could give her all the love she deserved as well as grow old together with The Doctor, without him out living her and watching her die. Smart man, that one. Plus they we amazing on screen and had some of the best chemistry on television.

Murillo’s Picks:

Blurps by Scarlette.


Sheldon and Amy (The Big Bang Theory)

It takes a genius, to understand another genius, and Sheldon and Amy are a perfectly nerdy pair together. From awkward relationship mishaps, trying to understand these things called “emotions,” and navigating the great unknown called love- these two are just too adorable to pass up.


Garfield and Lasagna (Garfield)

Wam, bam, thank you ma’am- Garfield can hit a tray of lasagna faster than a drunk fraternity on a womanizing mission. Seriously though, Lasgna is this cat’s one true love; no matter how many times he has it, he just keeps coming back and is absolutely dedicated to it. Can you eat the same thing, every day for the rest of your life? Garfield can, and that’s what you call true love.

Scarlette’s Picks:


Jack and Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

My dearest friend,
if you don’t mind
I’d like to join you by your side
Where we could gaze into the stars

Jack and Sally:
and sit together, now and forever
for it is plain, as anyone can see,
We’re simply meant to be

This is a given, since Nightmare Before Christmas is a my favorite movie…But even after all these years, the romance between Jack and Sally has been magical for me. The unrequited love, the support Sally gives, Jack coming the realization of not only his wrong doings, but the lovely rag doll that has always been there…It’s all very romantic. Besides, how can you not love that ending scene on top of the snowy spiral hill, locked in each other embrace, singing about how simply made to be there are for one another. Insert, dreamy fangirl sigh here. Its all hauntingly beautiful and very whimsy.


Gwendolyn and Oswald (Odin’s Sphere)

The love story between these two is deceptively simple, and maybe it’s the way gorgeous art style that their story is told in, that made me a total convert…Regardless, I love Gwendolyn and Oswald together. A Valkyrie having serious daddy and sister issues, is stripped of warrior glory after trying to prove her self-worth to her family, and is shipped off (to her disgrace) to be a bride. Fortunately, her husband is this super mysterious and handsome demon warrior knight, Oswald, who has always loved her from afar…she just doesn’t know it. Squee!! Oswald, goes on a hunt for a ring to restore his bride’s warrior glory; something to the effect of : “Baby, you go be a Valkyrie, I support you.” God, that’s hot. The ending of the game is pretty depressing, but at least these two make it, and realize their love for each other.

So, Geek Nation, who are you favorite geek couples? Sound off in the comments!