GTA V: A Billion Dollar in Sales


Pretty sure the folks over at Rockstar are sitting with their feet propped up on the desk, and giving a round of much deserved pats on the back to one another. GTA V debut with solid opening sales numbers, and is projected for a massive network by March of 2014.

How massive? Let’s put it this way, analysis believe GTA V will make a BILLION dollars in its FIRST month of retail.

Just, let that massive number sink in. I mean, it is ridiculously huge. 1175628_508471679238047_39329116_n

But if you stop and think about it, the profit for GTA V is not surprising. Grand Theft Auto is easily one of the biggest and most popular video game franchises around- with a fan base so massive, money is going to come pouring out of gamers pockets. However, a die hard fan base is not the only contributing factor to GTA V profits (it certainly helps though). Rockstar did something pretty smart to help increase revenue for GTA V- the release date. Releasing GTA V right at the end of a console generation, but just enough time where gamers can not (and simply WILL NOT) wait a month and half for them to play a long awaited game installment, just to be on the next generation consoles. A daring move, for GTA V. Further yet, Rockstar knows that if people WILL wait it out for next generation consoles, GTA V will not be an old enough game to be deemed “out dated”

Rockstar knows they have a hardcore fanbase- so hardcore, they want to play the game NOW  (waiting five year for a new installment will do that to fans) and they will pay the full price for a version of a GTA V on systems that they own now. But we’re not dont yet- oh no! Rockstar also knows it has a loyal following of HARDCORE gamers who will want to play the game now (because waiting is not an option) and will purchase the next generation of consoles (Xbox One and the PS4)- and in turn, will re-buy GTA V to see it’s amazing graphics on the newer systems. Rockstar just doubled up on profits.

That is not to say GTA V is purely seeing all it’s sale profits coming from hardcore fans buying and then rebuying the game- it adds and contributes to the profit, but it is not a bulk of it. Honestly, it’s because Grand Theft Auto is such a popular series, and always, highly anticipated. 1150402_503881333030415_567558310_n

GTA V is already out pacing its predecessor, GTA IV in pre-order sales, and shipments made on the first day of release. Which helps us understand: How in the hell is GTA V going to make a billion dollars in one month?

Let’s break it out down. GAT V is already doing better then GTA IV in pre-sales. GTA IV shipped out at 3.6million  copies of the game ( $310 million profit) on it’s first DAY. On it’s first WEEK GTA IV made $500 million, and closed out its first MONTH with $900 million- GTA IV, since it’s release date has shipped out 25million copies.

With pre-sales blowing through the roof, analysts Arvind Bhatia and Brett Strauser of Sterne Agee predict GAT V could sell over 20 million copies by March of 2014. If GTA V is predicted to make sell nearly as many copies as IV, but only in a year, yeah…You can bet GTA V is going to make a shit ton of money. Fancy math and predictions put aside, its absolutely possible that GTA V will be meeting the billion dollar marker without any issues.

Congratulations of the team over at Rockstar; one single game will bring you HALF of the earnings you hoped for (at 2 billion) in your fiscal year.

Damn, a billion dollars. On a video game- who would have ever thought?

The main question is: How many of you geeks called out today from work/school so you can stay home and play GTA V?