GTA V gameplay video released, causes internet to go insane.

Rockstar games released an official video today, showing for the first time 5 full minutes of the game play.  With it we get our first glance at how the new 3 main character story line will work, as well as a tiny peak at multi-player (with the promise of another video soon.) With a release date of September 17th, just under 5 and a half years since the release of GTA IV, the game is already available for pre-order, making it available for current gen consoles. As always the PC gamer’s are left with no comment on if and when a PC Port will be released, but a recent job listing for Rockstar for a PC Graphics Programmer leaves many PC gamer’s with a shimmer of hope of one day being able to play GTA 5 on their rigs.

As always i’ll more then likely be unable to wait for the PC port, and will settle for pretending I know how to use a controller that isn’t from 1990.