Korra Review: Civil Wars Pt. 2


Korra Review: Civil Wars Pt. 2


Not really sure how to approach this post, because I- honestly- I was not very impressed with this week’s episode of Korra. It felt lack luster, and almost…forced, in many areas.Before I launch into the negatives, I have to make it clear that I enjoy Korra very much. I look forward to seeing it every week, and even though I can’t catch it Friday night, you can be damn sure it’s DVRed. Maybe its because I hold the Avatar series in such higher regard then most shows, I just expect it to BRING IT every week.

No awesome avatar state "SERIOUS BUSINESS TIME" in this episode!

No awesome avatar state “SERIOUS BUSINESS TIME” in this episode!

So, to pick up where last week’s episode left off: Korra’s parents have been accused of treason, and partaking in the planning of the Southern Water tribes rebellion/failed kidnapping. In true political fashion, Unalaq gives them a rigged trial.He’s paid off a judge he has been working with for year for desired results. Korra’s mother is released, found innocent, and instead Korra’s father being put to death he is to serve life imprisonment for his treason (courtesy of Uncle Unalaq yet again). At fist, I’m sitting there like: Dude, why even let the mom go? But it’s made clear Unalaq wants to keep up his charade a little longer, and lets Korra’s mom go to keep the Avatar on his side.

In true Korra fashion, and hot headed-ness, the Avatar tracks down the judge of the trial and threatens that, depending on Nagga’s mood, he might just be an afternoon snack. Yet again, we see a clear difference between Avatar Korra and Avatar Aang: sweet temperament vs. explosive temperament. And BEHOLD the truth is revealed:  the judge is bought off, the trial is rigged, and WAIT- Unalaq is also responsible for Korra’s father’s banishment from the Northern Water Tribe.


Putting this one up again, because...It's true. Clearly the bad guy, and doesn't even try to hide it.

Putting this one up again, because…It’s true. Clearly the bad guy, and doesn’t even try to hide it.

This is where I am slightly disappointed. I KNEW, Unalaq was bad news polar bears (I made a funny!)- I even suspected he would be this season’s main bad guy (if you check out my first review I post some pretty good picture about it) but…the lead up, and reveal, to it…was…just so EXPECTED. I like being right, I enjoy saying “ I KNEW IT,” but I think this big reveal could have been a little more surprising.

Instead, it felt as if the entire episode was: Oh hey, Unalaq is the bad guy.

It wasn’t some big surprise like it was in the first season with Amon and the Councilman Tarrlok. That was an excellent revealing, with excellent set up. This season, your antagonist was clear from the get go, and even the episode that confirms him as the villain just feel very plain.

I was expecting a pretty explosive round up to Civil Warts pt. 2- I’m not talking about deaths and explosions, but at least emotional scenes between Korra and her uncle. I mean, this is full blown family betrayal that happened in this episode. The fight where Korra confronts Unalaq is sad and short, there was nothing special happening the bending. I expected some shouting, some angry bending- instead, we get…a very under whelming semi-brawl in the prison.

Korra throws in a jab (verbally, mind you) that I think we all, as viewers, as ironic. Korra’s dad, managed to piss off the spirits- though totally orchastrated- and was banished for it. Well, the man who was banished for pissing off the spirits is the dad of the Avatar. Korra threw that right in Unalaq’s face: how do you like them apples, you awful uncle? that_s_called_irony_by_redbayly-d6o46vb

Even the daring rescue mission for Korra’s dad was…sub par. It had to be done in order to move the plot along, and it felt forced.

Great highlight for this week’s episode were in the small comical reliefs that Varick and Bolin played. A platypus bear that poops money, terrible breaking up advice, and an even worse marriage proposal. What I felt were the weaker characters, and story arcs in the over all season (so far) turned out to be the saving grace of this week’s episode of Korra.

Even the wrap up story for Tenzin and family was mediocre. Ikki didn’t get sage advice from her father, she came to it on her OWN. Thankfully, Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin were able (though too quickly for my taste) were able to get past old grudges, and even though Aang wasn’t the greatest dad….They were at least a loving family, even with their flaws.

It was touching to see Bumi speaking with his father’s statue, even apologizing he wasn’t an airbender, but tried very hard to protect the world in any way he can. Fuck yeah, Bumi- you are the man, and clearly Avatar Aang’s son.

We are left off that the Northern and Southern tribes are most likely going to war, and it’s up to Korra to sway the Republic Nation to side with the Southern tribe and expose her uncle for the snake he is. Hopefully that goes better next week.


Geektrum review: 2/5 (sadly!!)