Ladies and Gentlemen, the future of War.


Wednesday afternoon marked one of the biggest changes to warfare since the inception of carrier air craft. The military’s X-47B UAV Drone has checked the last goal off of its list, by landing on a moving aircraft carrier 100% autonomously. It had recently proven its ability to take off on its own with catapult assist earlier this may. The X-47B also known as the “Salty Dog 502” has top military officials wow’d at its performance, and topping out at $1.4 billion for the total cost of the program, they consider it money well spent. Although the program is coming to a close and the aircraft will now be retired, there is still no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is the future of warfare.

Here is video of the X-47B’s first Carrier-Based Launch


And finally footage of the first Carrier-Based Landing.