League of Legends: More like League of Peeves



I’m going to be quite frank, my League of Legends career is about 3 months old and my “main account” isn’t even 30 yet. Some people may believe I have no room to talk, but considering League of Legends seems to take $35 for RP every couple  of paydays, I think it’s safe to say I’m invested in the game and the community.This is just a fun (questionable?) rant on some peeves that I have developed while playing League of Legends. Grant it, as a gamer, most of these peeve translate into many other games (I’m sure my list can mirror someone’s on DOTA pretty closely) but with the amount of time one plays  League of Legends with a wide variety of people…I feel you develop those peeves more quickly. Below is a silly list of peeves that I have about League of Legends; some of you can relate, some of you will scoff, but that’s okay! You’ll notice my list of consists of thing directly, and indirectly, related to League of Legend game play- just for fun, you know?


  • -Players that auto lock.  Most of my League of Legends games consist on 5v5 blind picks. You know, the mad dash to say what you want and you have 60 seconds to figure out a team comp (if any). What seriously bugs me is players who don’t call out a position and just auto lock a champion. Worse yet (and I’ve had this happen) a player will auto lock a champion, does not call a position, and the team thinks “okay so they’re going to go here, according to their champion” and base their picks around it…And then, auto locker goes somewhere entirely different! Varus is locked in, we all think he’s ADC bot, and then his smart self goes to mid. If you’re going to insist on a champion (and rude) by auto locking, remember to at least call your position.  Better yet- how about you call a position and THEN choose champion?43683-221180-xallthethingsmemegeneratorlasthitallthethings6e193apng-620x
  • -Support stealing last hits.  Your ADC needs that gold, leave the creeps alone and save your mana to harass the other team! Unless sharing creep kills is agreed upon, then it’s totally cool.
  • -Blitzcrank and Fizz. I just don’t like those champions. That’s all.
  • -When you get in queue  for a game, and you suddenly realize you have to pee… but you can’t leave the computer until your match pops up and you pick your champion.
  • -Players who leave the queue because they couldn’t play their role. I’m rolling my eyes just thinking about this, and I’m sure we’re all familiar with it.  Someone calls a position but it’s taken, and they ABSOLUTELY insist on playing that position and nothing else. “Mid, I want to play mid. I don’t want to play anything else.” With a game that has VERY limited positions, you think people would learn to be flexible or at least another position.
  • -While during a draft pick the only champions banned are the ones that counter your captain’s champion. I haven’t had many captains during draft picks be this self-centered, but I have had one or two and all I can think is “Well, everyone else is kinda screwed”
  • -I hate it when my hand twitches and I miss my skill shot. Wasted charm, wasted snare, D: nuuuu.
  • -I hate playing on the purple side.
  • tumblr_lm5i2zOVzB1qgtujeo1_400Please call MIAs- thank yooooou.
  • -Players Kills Over Objectives.   If you’re so obsessed with player kills, and not actually winning a game that is objective based, go play ARAM.
  • -Overly Confident Players. Look, some players are just GOOD. Really good. And I accept the fact that there is always going to be somebody, somewhere, who is a better player than me. But I dislike over confident players on teams who think they carried the rest of us. If your team mates did not get many kills but everyone was in double digits supports and was in the EVEN in the kill/death ratio…You didn’t fucking carry the team- you just got a shit ton of the last hits.
  • -“MID OR I FEED.” I can say confidently we have all come across this one douche bag player who gives his poor team an ultimatum. They will either play this position, or feed opposite team.  Please report them, I’m annoyed just thinking about this.
  • -I wish I could zoom in on my character. This isn’t necessarily a peeve, I just wish I could do it. I dropped 935Rp (or whatever) on a skin, I’d love to see my character up close and get some tiny details.
  • -Teammates who ping excessively on the map.  I understand you are letting me know to be careful, in fact, I appreciate it. However, you don’t need to ping excessively on dragon. Relax, we’ll go kill it.
  • -The teammate who knows EVERYTHING. I like to refer to these players as Mr. League of Legends, who consider themselves to be the end all be all of LoL. They’ll tell you how to play your champ, how the team should play their lanes, and all the while complain about how bad everyone else is. If everyone on your team is so bad…go play with the big boys on a premade/ranked team.
  • -When I buy the wrong items for my current champion, because I still think I’m playing a different one. From time to time, I end up buying health pots as support when I should be stocking up on wards.
  • -When I forget to switch out my runes/masteries. Nothing like an effective top champion with support runes!
  • -“First time playing this champion, sorry if I’m bad.” You really can’t avoid this in draft, more often than not you have a champion thrusted at you to play because either yours was banned , or the opposing team picked it. However, in blind picks this bugs me. If you’re NEW, like entirely NEW to this champion and you PICKED IT to play- why in the hell don’t you play a few bot games first so you can get a feeling for the champ?
  • -CREEPS, Y U IN THE WAY? It’s happened from time to time…I’m running for the safety of my turret, and the creeps file out in their neat line and get in my way. My champion gets tangled up in them, slows  me down just enough, that instead of getting away I get ganked. Creeps, why? WHY?
  • -When I try to throw my ward at the edge of a bush, and totally miss. Fail.
  • -When you’re in a draft game, you call a position and everyone seemingly agrees. But a player that is before your pick, takes your position. REALLY? I understand your pick is before mine, but I did call it and everyone is working a team comp around that. What happens if the positions I could play are all taken- now you’re stuck with a shitty jungle because I didn’t know I would be doing it, because I assumed I would be mid the entire time.
  • -Letting another player get away with JUST enough health that a default attack will get them- very annoying- but that turret is scary, and I see you have four other teammates running towards you, so never mind.lee-sin-last-hit
  • -Top lane turret…I feel as if sometimes it shoots farther then it’s supposed to…Could just be me though.
  • -Chasing down an opponents,  and I’m using skills, and auto attacking…and then a wave of creeps come up and for some reason my champion is insistent on farming; stops, auto attacks a creep, and that’s just enough time for my opponent to put distance between us.
  • -My cat who decides to lay fully sprawled out in front of my monitors and covers the map. I need to see that, thank you.
  • Finally, I dislike abusive players on League of Legends. Everything above on this list is just silly quips and you can always look them over, and take a chill pill about them. But the one thing that I find absolutely unacceptable (and this obviously goes beyond a peeve) are people who feel the need to be abusive in their language. I understand that League of Legends is competitive by nature- but we all have to realize, it’s just a competitive game. There is no need, (NONE AT ALL) to take game frustrations out on very real people. Sure, you can call somebody out for a mistake, but is it necessary to fall them homophobic insults? Or insult them in general? There isn’t. Stop polluting the community with your toxicity and play by yourself if you’re going to be like that, because at least the bots don’t talk back.That being said! If you agree with the final statement, please check out this amazing non-profit organization called Gamers Against Bigotry(http://gamersagainstbigotry.org/). Sign their pledge to make Capturegaming communities more welcoming, by being aware and understanding. -not to mention being friendly in League of Legends totally gets you IP, see?