Marvel Movie Line Up: Things We DO Know.

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Marvel has had quite the busy day today;  announcements left and right, blowing away rabid fans with amazing movie announcements, and stirring up the comic book culture pot. Below you’ll find a sweet image of all of Marvel’s (phase 3) upcoming films.




And for those of us who like to read  text:

Captain America: Civil War – May 2016

Doctor Strange- November 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy 2- May 2017

Thor: Ragnarok July 2017

Black Panther- November 2017

Captain Marvel -July  2018

Inhumans- November 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Part One – May 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Part Two- May 2019


Courtesy of /Film we got some great information from Kevin Feige, Marvel studios President, on all the upcoming films.


h20wkj2-iron-man-vs-captain-america-who-sides-with-who-in-marvel-s-civil-warCaptain America: Civil War

-Black Panther is introduced! IN FULL COSTUME. Woot.

-Apparently, Black Panther plays a major role in the Civil War story.

-Comic readers will know that Civil War (put in simple terms) is about if super heroes should register their secret/ civilian identities to the government. Looks like the film is giving the Civil War story arc a bit of a spin. It isn’t about registering their identities, but rather who are the super heroes reporting to.



Black Panther

-After playing a major roll in the third Captain America film this gives Black Panther an excellent spring board into his own major movie.

-And about damn time too. Black Panther will be the first minority in the Marvel universe to carry his own movie.


Captain Marvel

Carol_Danvers_(Earth-616)_from_Avengers_World_Vol_1_6-Marvel has heard the cries of the public! “WE WANT A WOMAN SUPER HERO” and they’re delivering on Captain Marvel.

-Let’s get one thing straight geeks, this Captain Marvel will be based on Carol Danvers who has recently taken up the Captain Marvel mantle which she so justifiably deserves (many readers will know Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel)



-Fans of this super hero squad will be noticing fun Easter eggs sooner than expected….Woooo!

inh03-For those of you who aren’t familiar with Inhumans here’s a quick run-down: You can’t have a Captain Marvel movie without mentioning the Kree- which is why Captain Marvel is such a smart move because it’s a great spring board for the Inhumans film.  Yet again, we witness Marvel weaving its intricate story line where everything is connected in some way. Fangirl moment aside, the Inhumans is the answer to the sci-fi geeks cry for more movies: think of the Inhumans as the space X-men for lack of better term, and without going into a long comic book history lesson.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Infinity War

-Expect to see Black Panther in the upcoming Age of Ultron movie. Also, his nation of Wakanda will be featured.

– Good news! Hulk will make an appearance in each of the upcoming Avengers films. Bad news? Another standalone Hulk film is up in the air. We’re not sure if everyone’s favorite green giant berserker will get another solo feature.

-Black Widow WILL NOT be getting her own film. This really saddens me because I honestly think Black Widow can carry an entire film on her own. Regardless, it is said that Black Widow will be of major importance in all the upcoming Avengers films.


Rumor Mill on the Avengers:

-Joss Whedon is rumored to not return to direct the third Avengers film.

-There might be a roster change for the Avengers after the Age of Ultron. No a surprise there, lots of new heroes being introduced and comic readers know that the Avengers has a very long roster of champions.