Naruto: Kakashi, Shadow of ANBU Arc.


I think it’s a long standing, and agonizing, joke among the anime community that the Naruto anime is king of filler arcs- even toppling Dragon Ball.

df6230ce697195179d5548ba3c7b8a051390429123_fullTo break the news yet again, the Naruto anime will be hitting another filler arc before continuing onto the original manga/source material. Good news though (try to calm all your wailing of “whyyyyyy” over there) the upcoming filler arc seems to be something of INTEREST. Yup, you read that right, a filler arc that might be pretty interesting. No random missions to some random Village Hidden in the Filler.

Instead, we’re getting an arc on Kakashi and his ANBU history.

Raging fangirls, hold onto your seats. You have an entire season dedicated to one of the most popular ninja’s in otaku culture.

The upcoming arc is entitled, Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU.

The story will revolve around you favorite shinobi sensei, and his days in ANBU. More specifically, the arc will focus on Kakashi, after the battle of Kannabi Bridge- where, you know, Obito Uchiha is thought to be dead, and Kakashi pretty much murdered his other squad member, Rin, with his own hands.  EkubHFo

Generally, I hate fillers. A lot. I think my passion to hate fillers really stemmed from Naruto (who can forget the several seasons of crap between Naruto and Naruto:Shippuden?) I understand why fillers happen. Animators can only put out so many episodes to so many manga chapters that have been released. The animation studios have caught up to the mangaka’s releases, and really can’t continue the story until Masashi Kishimoto does. But that doesn’t change the fact that fillers can get really repetitive and downright annoying. However, this looks like an arc I can get behind. Why? Because; one: I am a Kakashi fan – not going to lie there- two:  this arc can really shed some light on the current happenings in Naruto.

maxresdefaultIt isn’t like most filler arcs, where the cast goes out and does some random mission that was never really tied into the original source material. This Kakashi ANBU arc, ties in nicely to the source materials, giving viewers some great background knowledge, on major characters that are driving the plot in Naruto. Needless to say, I am interested to see how this arc plays out, and will my burning question be answered? DO I GET TO SEE KAKASHI’S FACE!?!?

Kakashi-ANBU-Special-Timeline-KakashiNaruto anime director, Hayato Date, has informed the fans that plan is to get back to the manga’s story line after the conclusion of Kakshi ANBU arc. It is possible, no promises, for the remaining of the year there will be no other fillers for the anime, and the show will continue with the main plot line. We can only keep our fingers crossed, because Kishimoto said he was very excited, and READY, to wrap up the story of Uzumaki Naruto.

Kakshi: Shadow of the ANBU will begin to air on Febrary 6, 2014.