New Shows for the 2015- 2016 Television Season


Now that the major television networks have pretty much decided which shows will or will not be returning next season, we can focus on the new shows hoping to try their luck. The major networks cancelled approximately 24 shows from the last season so they have plenty of time slots to fill. Just like the cancelling some networks have picked up many shows and others just a small few. Everything from new comedies, thrillers, dramas, and superhero shows are going to try and win over the masses hearts and one show is giving it a second go after a few years of absence. I’ll go ahead and go network by network like I did before.


ABC has decided to give ten shows a shot this fall after canceling seven others. The network has picked three comedies one centered on a “seemingly perfect Catholic family,” a medical comedy staring veteran comedian/actor Ken Jeong, and a television re-envisioning of a classic John Candy movie. To accompany the comedies is five thrillers/dramas ranging from political scheming to criminal investigations. I think the two interesting choices for ABC comes in their decision to tackle an “Epic Biblical Saga” and reviving a family favorite from years past in “The Muppets.” Here is a list of the ten shows ABC plans to bring this fall.


Scene from The Catch

The Catch – A thriller from TV juggernaut Shonda Rhimes.


Scene from Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken – A medical comedy starring Ken Jeong.


Scene from The Family

The Family – A political thriller starring Joan Allen.


The Muppets (2015)

The Muppets – Featuring of course, The Muppets.


Scene from Of Kings and Prophets (2015)

Of Kings and Prophets – A Biblical saga centered on a king, a prophet and a young shepherd.


Scene from Oil (2015)

Oil – A drama that looks to be the next “Dallas.”


Scene from Quantico (2015)

Quantico – a thriller that revolves around new FBI recruits and one that may not be who they seem.


Scene from The Real O’Neals

The Real O’Neals – A comedy centered on a Catholic family who decides to stop pretending to be perfect.


Scene from Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck – a remake of the John Candy classic starring Mike Epps.


Scene from Wicked City

Wicked City – A crime drama set in 1982 Los Angeles.


CBS is bringing in a smaller crop of new shows for us to judge in the upcoming season. Five shows are going to give it their all in the fall, two of which already have a fan base to rely on from another medium. CBS has two new comedies, “an intense medical drama,” another show inspired by a film (a more recent film), and a new Superhero joins the small screen. Here is a list of what CBS is bringing to the table.


Scene from Angel From Hell

Angel From Hell – A comedy about a dermatologist that is suddenly befriended by a supposed Guardian Angel played by Jane Lynch.


Scene from Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces – A comedy about one family told through various family members.


Scene from Code Black

Code Black – A medical drama set in the busiest ER in the nation.


Scene from Limitless

Limitless – An action thriller based on the film of the same name starring Bradley Cooper (the film, not the show).


Scene from Supergirl

Supergirl – The newest superhero television show focused on a contemporary version of the title character.


The CW didn’t have much room to introduce new shows in the 2015- 2016 season having only cancelled three shows. The network is only introducing three new shows this fall and two of which are going to premiere mid-season. One of the shows is a spin-off of the already successful Arrow and The Flash shows. Only one of the shows is a CW original pilot. Here is the short list.
Scene from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – A racy half-hour comedy originally piloted for Showtime.

Scene from DC's Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – A superhero Spin-off from the Arrow and The Flash.

Scene from Containment

Containment – A drama about an urban quarantine situation after a deadly epidemic strikes Atlanta.


Fox suffered rating wise this past season despite newcomers like Gotham and Empire and is hoping to bring some viewership back to their side. The have totally revamped their Tuesday line-up this fall with three new shows and have added another to Monday night after Gotham and on Wednesday before Empire. Fox tends to stick to comedies and action shows and that hasn’t changed much. It seems that Fox is also joining the networks that is looking to cash in on past movie properties, this time snagging a Tom Cruise film. Fox also has a number of shows that will air mid-season as well but here’s a list of what’s for sure the start of this fall.

Scene from Grandfathered

Grandfathered – A comedy about a bachelor that learns he is a father and a grandfather, starring John Stamos.

Scene from The Grinder

The Grinder – A Comedy starring Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, Lowe plays a TV Lawyer but with his show ending he decides to move back home to run his families law firm.

Scene from Minority Report

Minority Report – An action drama based of the Tom Cruise film of the same name, the show is set ten years after the events of the film.

Scene from Rosewood

Rosewood –An investigative series centered on a man that owns the top private pathologist lab in all the country.

Scene from Scream Queens

Scream Queens – A comedy/horror show starring Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, and many more. The show focuses on murders that happen on a college campus, mainly around the Kappa Sorority house.


NBC had probably the highest casualty rate for shows this past season and they have a lot of airtime to fill this fall. So far NBC has six shows ready to premiere and eleven others listed as Coming Soon. As for the six shows that airing this fall there is a balanced mix of shows and a new face coming to television. Along with a new Variety show, comes a medical drama, an action thriller, a comedy that reminds me of “Rules of Engagement,” a new take on a crime drama, and a reboot to some would be Heroes. Here’s a list of what is confirmed for this fall.
Scene from Blindspot

Blindspot – A crime drama starring Jamie Alexander covered in tattoos and suffers from amnesia.

The Player

The Player – An action thriller set in Las Vegas starring Wesley Snipes as an ex- military operative turned security expert.


Heartbreaker – A medical drama based on the real-life story of Dr. Kathy Magliato, a world-renowned heart transplant surgeon.

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris – A variety show with Neil Patrick Harris, I think the title says it all.

People are Talking

People are Talking – An “Unabashed” comedy about two diverse couples that are best friends and neighbors.

Heroes Reborn

Heroes Rebor – A reboot of the Heroes series following a new group of Heroes joined by some old faces.


Despite the amount of shows that were cancelled this past season there is no shortage of shows to take their places. While I’m not excited for every show that is premiering this fall there are definitely a few that have caught my eye and a couple that I am very weary of. I’m sure though that a few of these shows will surprise us and be around for at least a few seasons.


-Joseph Murillo