Obiwon Cosplay Update: COMPLETED


What’s up Geek Nation? It has been a long while since I have updated you all on my Spartan Build for SDCC. Well, the good new is I am done and man, has this been a large and daunting task. If it weren’t for the great people I have met through 405th and through Etsy, this build would have been all for nothing.

Let’s talk about when you choose to build your own cosplay. One: it is on of the most rewarding things you can do. Second: never let yourself get down. If there is something you are stuck on or have no idea on how to fix a problem, there are some great forms out there to use. Such as 405th, The 501st and There are some very helpful and friendly cosplayers that are willing to help you and give you motivation. Third: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER! Follow those steps and you’ll be on your way to a successful and fun time.

So here are some photos of my finished Halo Spartan cosplay.

Front View













With Plasma Sword











Weapons Shotgun and Plasma Sword

WP_20150404_11_59_31_Pro WP_20150411_01_52_11_Pro WP_20150206_22_01_15_Pro















Painting my helmet from start to finish

WP_20150204_20_32_17_ProWP_20150205_11_49_33_ProWP_20150205_11_49_22_ProWP_20150205_11_49_28_Pro WP_20150206_004 WP_20150206_003 WP_20150206_002 WP_20150206_001   WP_20150207_12_07_57_Pro WP_20150207_12_08_02_Pro WP_20150207_12_08_07_Pro WP_20150207_12_08_13_Pro WP_20150207_12_08_19_Pro WP_20150207_12_08_40_Pro WP_20150207_16_58_25_Pro WP_20150207_16_58_36_Pro






















































So, this is just my Spartan cosplay and I’ll have another cosplay article for you all when we get a little closer to SDCC. I have 2 other cosplays that I will be using: Darth Vader and a Sith Lord. I’ll share those when it’s convention time. Until next time Geeks, stay geeky and keep cosplaying.


Article By: Shane Holly AKA obiwon