Obiwon’s Cosplay Experiences Part II


What’s up Geek Nation? It’s been a few weeks since I updated you all on my armor build.

So, I started this build back in July, actually the day before SDCC to be exact. I have used everything from Plasti Dip to seal the foam and hot glue to hold everything together and to fill the obvious gaps. If there is one thing I have learned through this whole process is: Be prepared to fail; be sure to do your research.

Think of it like this: building any armor piece out of any type of material is like being a mad scientist building a Frankenstein monster. You’re going to experiment and fail but once you find what works, stick with it and perfect it.

This entire build has taken me around 100 hours so far. I have a completed the suit minus a helmet. I have had my hiccups. Like cracking paint; I’ve had chemical reactions to where it causes the paint to eat through the other paint and foam.. I have had to repaint a few pieces, but luckily I have had some great advise from other cosplayers, such as the 405th (my local Halo legion). Who have helped me out with great ideas; I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now with my build without some of their help.

Here is some good advise: If you ever are having a hard time and need help there are some great people out there that are willing to help if your willing to ask for it. Be sure to check online for helpful forums, or see if you have a cosplay community in your area.

So if you have ever been interested in making a cosplay, whether its for SDCC or another convention big or small, do it! You won’t regret it. You don’t have to do something a big as a armor build. It could be on the small scale like a simple costume that you bought and fabricated it to your design. Its all good as long as you love it and have fun with it. Then it is worth the sweat blood and tears.

If you guys do decide to do a build of your own and need some advise hit me up on Twitter @obiwon2296.

You can check out Obiwon’s progress below, enjoy!

Till next time May the Force Be With You!

By: Shane Holly

You can follow Shane on Twitter @obiwon2296