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Welcome to Geektrum! We have you covered from A to Geek! We hope to provide you with all the information you need as a modern Geek, in one place. Without further ado, let me present you with the writers!



Greetings Geek Nation! I’m Scarlette and I gotta say I am totally excited to see Geektrum finally off the ground, and operating! To give you a little insight on Geektrum and where it all started, I ran a tiny Tumbler called Geek Adventures. With each like, reblog, and follower, I began to realize I can make my Tumblez into something bigger; but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I’ve known eeBs for several years, and threw caution into the wind: I asked him to become my partner for a geek related blog. That’s where we are now, and we’re absolutely stoked to be on the verge of interwebz glory.

So, here’s a bit about me: I LOVE comics, video games, collectibles, movies, anime, manga, fan art, cosplay, conventions- if it’s geeky related, I most likely obsess about it. A fair warning: I am prone to bouts of uncontrollable fangirl moments. I squee, I sigh, I rage, and I’m willing to share my opinion.I am the partner that will focus primarily on geek culture; movie reviews, book reviews, game reviews, what’s new and exciting in the community and how it affects us. With Geektrum I hope to keep the Geek Nation well informed, inspire our readers to form their own opinions, and provide a space where every Geek Nation member can be heard.


eebs_portraitHello Gentlemen (and Gentlewomen), Scholars, and fellow Geeks. My name’s eeBs! I’m carefree and a total geek at heart. I shy away from some of the normal perspectives of the geektrum such as comic books, and anime, and instead will be bringing you interesting tidbits from the realm of gadgetry, and gizmos, as well as provide my insight on Video games, Movies, and just all around geekness! I love open discussion, and care free speculation on the future technology is building for us, and how that impacts us on a human level. Personally I hope to help inform and shape the geek-o-sphere with interesting articles designed to help you think outside of the box, and help us all integrate with geekiness and future technologies! Oh, and cat pictures, definitely cat pictures.

Look for in depth articles from me, ranging from that new Android phone to how F2P games are evolving humanity! I will be attempting to answer some of the more scary and thought provoking questions that we face as a species as we integrate more and more with technology! Feel free to follow us on twitter (@geektrum) or join in my discussions in the comments section!


601811_10200233917665218_1774723760_nHello Geektrum Community, you can all call me Mr. Murillo, wow that makes me sound old… We’ll just go with Murillo. Again, hello everyone and thank you for welcoming me into your elite community of Geeks, Nerds, Gamers, Fangirls/boys, Cosplayers, and any other identifier you go by. I couldn’t be more excited to talk with all of you about the things that help us escape from this so called real life. Like many of you and the others on our Geektrum staff I love everything from Anime, books and Manga to Movies, T.V. and video games. My love of Movies kind of outweighs the others though, I’m an aspiring screenwriter with a B.A. in Film and Television Arts and a M.A. in Screenwriting. Along with being a total Nerd/Geek myself I am also a father of a wee-little one and hope to help other geeky parents enrich their children’s lives with the things we obsess about in a healthy as possible way. I know my son has a healthy obsession with pokemon, video games and superhero’s and he’s only two. Hopefully you enjoy my varying posts of movie, game and television reviews and news. Anyway, I look forward to geeking out with you all about the last news and events that save us from the mundane of work,school and boredom.


unnamedGreetings Geektrum fans! As a long time video game, sci-fi, anime and fantasy fan, I knew as soon as I came across Geektrum I knew this was the place for me! I’m located in the great city of San Diego where I live with my wife and 11-month old Australian shepherd/chocolate lab mix. Previously I’ve written for other blogs, covered a convention with Anime News Network and in general offer up my reviews and thoughts on the latest and greatest video games, anime and manga for people to enjoy and digest. My geekdom is built from a solid foundation in gaming. I picked up a controller when I was 2 years old and haven’t put it down since. RPGs and action games are my top picks, but I spent more time than I would be willing to admit trapped in the jaws of the MMO world. In the meantime I’ve also picked up a liking to sci-fi and fantasy of all kinds, and a healthy addiction to anime and manga. This is mainly what I will be writing about from week to week. Rants may pop up from time to time…I may ponder the meaning of the universe, or at least why kids love cinnamon toast crunch. In short, I’m happy to join the team and look forward to connecting with all of you!


534294_10202189908259014_345716807_nHello Geek nation My name is Obiwon (AKA OBIWON2296) on live. As most of you can figure out, I am a geek! I love video games, movies, television; and I mostly talk about those things. Especially Doctor Who, Star Wars, and anything gaming. So lend me your eyes, and your imagination, and let me take you on a whirlwind ride through Space and Time, and I promise I’ll share with you some awesomeness and sometimes greatness.