Outgrowing Sailor Moon…Kinda.


If you’re into anime, or know somebody who is, pretty sure you know that Sailor Moon got a fresh reboot entitled: Sailor Moon Crystal.


Reboot HYPE.

Like many 90’s viewers, and manga readers, I was super excited to hear about the new Sailor Moon show.

Sailor Moon was a laying foundation to my anime hobby, basically, border line obsession. My dad brought back a Pretty Senshi shirt for me while he was Japan, I was sporting my favorite shojou show that nobody in my elementary school really knew about.  Id try to be late to school because I wanted to watch an episode of Sailor Moon that only aired when school was starting (usually, I was able to get away with just seeing the opening song). Moving into my middle school years, I would RACE home to try and catch the 4pm showing of Sailor Moon on Toonami.

Of course I was salivating at the mouth about a Sailor Moon reboot, she and  the Sailor Scouts, were my idols of my childhood years, and even my early teens.

With eager anticipation I stayed up to the wee early hours of the morning to watch the live simulcast of Sailor Moon Crystal; my childhood playing out in front of me in fresh new animations, watching the memorable transformation scenes- I was totally giddy, I’m not going to lie.

This particular article is not a review about the Sailor Moon Crystal series; sure it has some flaws we all want to knit pick, but Im not here to do that. Instead, while watching that first episode of SM Crystal, I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the things that were happening on the screen, or groaning at Usagi’s antics. Then, it kinda hit me, I realized Usagi was annoying as fuck and I didn’t like her very much.

I thought maybe it was because it was the first episode, and maybe I just wasn’t happy with the reboot- so I kept watching. We’re several episodes into SM Cystal, and Im enjoying the show quite a bit, but my feeling about Usagi haven’t changed: I honestly  don’t like her.

This is awfully hard for me to admit, because Usagi and Sailor Moon were HUGE  icons for me while growing up. The morals of love, friendship, loyalty, and teenage girls kicking ass, were all lessons learned while watching this series, and definitely formed bits and pieces of my personality.


Usagi does ALOT of crying. Stop. Please, stop.

But, I say this truthfully, Im pretty sure I outgrew my childhood idol.

Don’t get me wrong, Usagi set up a great foundation for other characters I would chose to call role models for later in life, and the morals and life lessons that were given while watching Sailor Moon are ones that I have carried with me for many years…but that certainly doesn’t change the fact that Usagi is STILL 14, a little clueless, super whiney, and yeah- Im going to say it- immature.

There are things in the Sailor Moon reboot, that just makes me giggle at how silly it is. Honestly, who the hell wears a tuxedo in the middle of the day? And how comes they aren’t able to put the pieces together. Why is Ami so damn smart-a girl genius- and going to a PUBLIC school? Why doesn’t anyone ever question the talking cat?

All things, that younger viewers- a younger me- have totally over looked.

As a young girl watching Sailor Moon, I found that Usagi was much easier to relate to- or wasn’t mildly as annoying- because I was either the same age, or younger and much more annoying myself.  Now that I am a decade older than Usagi, with my own life experiences under my belt, and dare I say it? More mature! I’m finding it to be harder to actually enjoying the bun-head’s antics. There are times, where I just want to tell her to shut up with her crying, but on her big girl sailor scout panties, and JUST DEAL. You, lady, are a guardian of JUSTICE! Now act like it!



During the Sailor Moon R arc, I was always cheering on for Usagi to go get her man and not give up on her Beloved Tuxedo Mask. Now, Im a decade older than Usagi, had my fair share of relationships, and instead of cheering her on, I’ll most likely be rolling my eye balls and having a super feminist moment of: YOU DON’T NEED A MAN TO BE HAPPY, YOU OBVIOUSLY KICK ASS ON YOUR OWN.

I just know when SM Crystal gets to that certain story arc, I will most likely be pulling my hair out.

Or maybe its because this reboot is writing Usagi to be even more clueless than the orginal, who knows? Regardless, I still have hopes that this reboot will give her greater character development and depth as the story line progresses. Through out arcs- usually at the end- Usagi manages to put the immature act on the side lines, and really busts out MOON PRINCESS JUSTICE. Its those scenes that really rang true to me while watching Sailor Moon. Against all odds, self doubt, and an enemy plotting world destruction, Usagi really let her warrior of love and justice colors shine bright.

At the end of the original Sailor Moon run, it is hard to deny that Usagi did her fair share of growing up, but still maintained that (now annoying) ditzy behavior.

Don’t get me wrong, I still really enjoy Sailor Moon, and to some degree Usagi. Im still very appreciative of all the things the Sailor Moon as taught me, and instilled into me. Growing up, I could have much worse role models to align myself with. Usagi, for all her complaining and whining, is still a teenager who shoulders colossal problems, and tries her best to prevent universal genocides. The older me may not like the way she conducts herself, but that’s because I am now more mature than the actual character.

The good news is that there’s a solar system of other Sailor Senshi that I can relate to. I look forward to being reintroduced to the Senshi all over again, and it will be interesting to see which one I can closely relate to or sympathize with the most this time around. 054