Pacific Rim: The Great Sequel Debate.


I’ll admit it, I’m a total Pacific Rim fangirl. I literally handed my money to Del Toro on a golden platter; while at Comic Con I snatched up Pacific Rim swag by the handful. I saw the movie two times (once in IMAX 3D, and it was pretty freaking amazing)- and I’m honestly debating about seeing it one more time, before I have to wait 17 weeks until I can get my fangirl hands on the super duper collector’s edition on blu ray.

Pacific Rim Propoganda by Paul Sizer

Pacific Rim Propoganda by Paul Sizer

Yes, I am a Pacific Rim groupie.

Considering my rabid fandom status, you would guess my answer to this question: Should Pacific Rim get a sequel? Naturally, you would think my answer would be “Yes.” Truthfully, my answer is: no. As shocking as it may sound, hear me out.

First off: like most fans of a franchise, I kinda DO want to see a sequel.  I mean, I’d love to see more robots vs. kaiju fights- I’d love to see more mech designs, and creatures conceptions! But, don’t think there is much left in the Pacific Rim story to give it a sequel. Unless, they do that annoying Hollywood trick and give it a prequel. Which I hope to high heaven they will not attempt.

Del Toro made a wonderful world that was on the brink of destruction, and a story that was pertinent to THAT time frame. Pacific Rim had an ending, and it’s made very clear in that ending, that the kaiju were (SPOILERS, if you’re a loser and haven’t see the film yet) nuked to tiny bits, the bridge between out worlds had collapsed, and the age of Jeagers have drawn to an epic conclusion. The world no long has monsters; therefore, there is no need for Jeagers to be stomping about. As far as I’m concerned, the story of Pacific Rim has concluded. There is nothing else to tell.

You can’t get a sequel with things becoming even more far fetched, or some kind of stupid- hey look what we pulled out of out butts!- story line. How many times have we seen sequels where we think we destroyed all the enemies but ONE gets away…and that one, SINGLE, bad guy manages to repopulate an entire species? It’s stupid, it’s over played, and it will most likely serve as the doorway for a Pacific Rim sequel.  I’m the kind of fan that wants the things  that made me fan of Pacific Rim – great story, awesome mechs, badass monsters- to stay the way they are. Don’t go changing them or adding to them, don’t pull a George Lucas. You don’t need to add fru-fru, underdeveloped stories into an already well created universe just cause Hollywood feels the need to beat a dead horse for all that it’s worth(Looking at you Disney, and Pirates of the Caribbean.) No, DO NOT give us a Pacific Rim sequel, the ending was great there isn’t anything else to be told. No, DO NOT give us a prequel because we already know how it’s going to end.

But let’s get into the real reasoning if Pacific Rim, should, or shouldn’t get a sequel: money.

I gotta say, for a movie that is made for niche crowd, the geeks came out in droves for Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Opening weekend it grossed 90million worldwide, about 50million made here in the States.

Not bad numbers, particularly here in the States where this kind of genre is not well known, or generally well perceived. Del Toro, to say the least, is a bigger name director overseas. He’s definitely a lot more popular abroad, which explains the rivaling revenue numbers from everywhere else.  Which boils down to a possible factor for a sequel: Will pacific Rim be the western multi billion dollar paycheck for Del Toro? If he picks up even more popularity from Pacific Rim, the studios will be more inclined to hire Del Toro for a sequel project.

Sure, Pacific Rim didn’t exactly rake in the dough like Despicable Me 2- over 300million made since it’s release, which will translate to a third installment- but it DID exceed the studio’s expectations. The studio, honestly, was bracing itself for a box office flop. Instead, the geeks came out full force, threw their money down (and in my case, on several different occasions) to show support for the film.

Since Pacific Rim did better than expected- its starting to see worldwide positive revenue-and it’s quite clear that Del Toro has a fan base that is willing to throw dollar bills around to see their sci-fi dreams come true…This might be the green light studios will be looking for in order to get a sequel off the ground.

Pacific Rim Propaganda by Paul Sizer

Pacific Rim Propaganda by Paul Sizer

Pacific Rim isn’t confirmed for a sequel, and it will most likely be several months before the studios approach Del Toro to even vaguely talk about another film. So don’t expect yearly, back to back, summer blockbusters for the franchise; however, it wouldn’t surprise me if a sequel is approved later down the road. Even though…I necessarily don’t want to see a sequel (I just don’t think you can add any more without tarnishing the awesome known as Pacific Rim) but, you can bet your geeky butt I’ll be heading to the theaters to watch it anyways. And that’s exactly what production companies want to hear.