Review: Birthright #2

Birthright Issue 2 feature image

Skybound Comic’s second issue of their fantasy series Birthright hit the shelves this week. It picks up right where it left off, with Mikey still in the interrogation room. His family is still debating if it is Mikey or if he knows anything about their child’s disappearance. While the first issue focused on introducing us to the characters and the worlds that the comic revolves around, the second issue attempts to sink its hook in you by moving right along with the story. Even though not a lot happens in this issue, what does happen is definitely attention grabbing.


Right off the bat, the reader is given more convincing truth to Mikey’s story.  Detective Brooks shows Mikey’s family the medieval arsenal he was carrying when the police picked him up. This leads into the main focus of the issue, which is Brennan’s verification of his story. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the character design and artwork of Birthright however during Brennan’s and Mikey’s conversation, I can’t help but find Mikey’s facial expressions incredibly creepy. I was surprised Brennan wasn’t freaked out by Mikey’s smile.


Birthright issue 2 cover artAside from that I still think that Bressan’s artwork beautiful and eye catching both on Earth and Terranos. Bressan’s character design for the creatures of Terranos are definitely different but fit with the rest of the creatures we’ve already seen. The Uzu are an interesting Native-American-feeling blend of bird and man. Mikey’s breakout sequence is done spectacularly with a real sense of strength and power in everything that he does. You can definitely see the anger and wrath in Mikey’s face as he takes down cop after cop; a sharp contrast to the young boy we see in Terranos. The artwork at the end of the issue, with Mikey finally wielding his massive flame spurting sword, is definitely impressive.


Joshua Williamson pushes the story forward  when Brennan and Mikey have their conversation. Brennan is convinced that this guy is his brother and by the end is considering going with Mikey to help with his mission. Mikey uses the tales of his arrival in Terranos as a way of opening up to Brennan.  This allows the reader to revisit the world without just randomly jumping between the two. Mikey talks about a mission to save Earth that involves dispatching four mages. We are left to wonder how much of what he says is true and how much of it is twisted, evil intentions.


This issue definitely moved things forward. It revealed more of Mikey’s plans and determination to complete them, on Earth and with his time on Terranos. It also showed how his family was dealing with the return of their Barbarian-esque son,  Brennan is starting to believe what this man is saying and his father, Aaron becoming sold on everything he says. The only person that is still skeptical about all of this is his mother, which I have a feeling will have a rude awakening soon. With this issue ending on two cliff hangers, one on Earth and one in Terranos, I can’t wait for the next issue to come out so we can see what dangers lurk in Terranos and what that flaming sword can do.


– Joseph Murillo