Review: Spider Gwen #1


Marvel’s Spider-verse event was a pretty big event that introduced many different versions of our favorite web-slinger, however, one in particular really got people excited. People were so excited by Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman marvel decided to give her, her own comic Spider Gwen. The comic launched this past week, I rarely get into Marvel comics but every once in a while I hear about an arc I want to read or a new character and when I heard that Gwen Stacy was Spider Woman I had to check it out. Spider Gwen’s first issue certainly did not disappoint.


The first thing that catches your eye is the cover, as it should, but the cover is bright with a rainbow of colors. The cover definitely reflects the done of the comic, it isn’t your typical dark palettes that make you think dark, brooding, and angsty like you would expect from a spider-man comic. The next thing that caught my eye was Gwen’s spidey-suit, I had seen pic of it before but with the bright colors around it, it looks even better. I really like the color scheme and especially the hood, I’m not sure why but I think it looks cool and practical to hide those long blonde locks.


The comic opens with a quick one page recap of Gwen getting bit by a spider, Peter Parker dying, the King Pin sending a goon to kill Spider-Woman (Spider-Gwen) and Gwen Stacy revealing to her living father that she is Spider-Woman. As you can tell just from the first page, many things are different in Gwen’s universe but if you want to know more I suggest going and reading the Spider-verse arc (which I will be doing next). Even with as much that is different some things have not changed at all, like the police trying to catch the web-slinger and the Daily Bugle voicing Jameson’s hate for the masked vigilante.

Spider_Gwen 03The first villain we are introduced to is The Vulture a pretty classic Spider-Man villain but with the new art style and his obsession with Spider-Woman being the center of attention instead of him, new life has been breathed into him. I think the art and coloring is my favorite parts of this comic, it feels new and fresh not something that has been rehashed again and again. There is energy in every page and each character; even minor ones like Officer Grimm or the Bodega Bandit bring new life to Gwen’s New York.


We are even introduced to new versions of Marvel characters we have seen before aside from Gwen and her dad like Frank Castle A.K.A. The Punisher, grant he is a Captain in the police force and not the Punisher yet, I think. We also get to see Mary Jane but instead of the girl next door she is the prima donna lead singer of a band named, of course, The Mary Janes (Gwen was apparently the drummer for them before a falling out between her and MJ).


While there are many positives aiding Spider Gwen being a great comic series like the style, color and re-imagining of New York, it is Spider Gwen that really sells the whole thing. Gwen proves to be a likable character with plenty of smarts and charisma to keep readers hooked. Even Gwen Stacy out of the costume is an intriguing character and not just a pretty face, she wants to be accepted by the city but is more concerned with making a difference.spider-gwen-1_2


It’s nice to see her starting out and learning the ropes and not know where her story is heading like we would if it was a retelling of Peter Parker (Hint hint Hollywood). I rarely read a Marvel series from start to finish but Spider Gwen is definitely going on my must read list. Anyone that is expecting anything similar to Spider-Man will be happily disappointed. Anyone worried that Marvel is going to sex up Spider Gwen like they did with Spider-Woman only has to check out the awesome white, black and red hooded costume to have those worries squashed. Check out Spider Gwen I doubt anyone will regret it.

Article By: Joseph Murillo/Murillo.