Review: Star Wars #3


Star Wars 3 CVMarvel has launched its third issue of its Star Wars comic and now that it has to compete with their Darth Vader and Princess Leia series this issue really amped things up. I have gotten to read both Darth Vader and Princess Leia’s series and so far the main series is my favorite, I am enjoying Darth Vader’s run but have some issues With Leia’s (Hopefully I’ll get the chance to get into that another time). What’s great about the Star Wars main comic is it highlights all of our favorite characters, I know that I had some issues with the balancing of the characters in the first two issues but this third one really shines a light on everyone.


The last issue closed with Luke, Han, Leia and the others still trying to escape the weapons factory that they were trying to destroy when Darth Vader interrupted their plans. At this point all Hell had broken loose with Luke losing his first duel with Lord Vader and Han and Leia blasting their way through stormtroopers in an AT-AT. Chewbacca was a no show after Vader took down the tower he was posted in and C-3PO was taken as scrap by the native junkyard scrappers who were disassembling the Millennium Falcon.


Issue three opens with total chaos as Luke drive a speeder blasting troopers as he goes and Han and Leia trying to get to the trash yard where the Millennium Falcon is being destroyed. The Scrappers are carrying C-3PO away when Chewbacca makes his return saving 3PO and taking care of the Scrappers in top Wookie fashion. Meanwhile Han and Leia walk the AT-AT into a hanger full of Scout Walkers, Assault Tanks and Combat Speeders. Like I said all the characters get great moments in this issue, Han can’t help but be the smart ass that he is and joke about their worsening situation and Leia starts to prove her worth by manning the AT-AT guns and blasting Tie-fighters out of the air.


There isn’t a page that goes by without something exploding or someone being cut down with a saber or blaster. Han and Leia’s joyride is cut short by Vader who single handedly takes down the AT-AT further proving he is a force to be reckoned with. Seeing how powerful and badass Darth Vader is is by far my favorite part of these comics and his own series. Despite just surviving the crash Leia manages to pull a very injured Han out and blast their way to the Falcon. As the issues go on Leia is becoming more and more the Rebel Princess that she is in the movies, she is definitely shown as a strong and determined warrior (which sadly I didn’t see in her own series premiere, though that is set before the events of this comic).


Another great part of this issue is we see how Vader’s obsession with Luke grows over just these few pages and Luke’s determination to complete their mission despite personal risk. Luke doubts his Jedi abilities but not in his abilities as a pilot and a fighter, he makes a suicide run to destroy the weapons factory as Leia gets Han and the rescued prisoners to the Falcon. Vader chases Luke in a forcibly commandeered combat speeder in a great re-creation of the Death Star Run, it is obvious that Vader could care less about his men in his pursuit of the boy that shamed him and destroyed his Masters weapon.


Luke of course succeeds and somehow, probably to his own surprise, survives the factories destruction and manages to escape with the others on the Falcon. After his failed encounter with Vader, Luke begins to give into his doubts saying they should all be dead, that he is no Jedi and without Kenobi he never will be. Vader though, changes his opinion of Luke and sees his potential and we see the point where he has decided to turn Luke into his own weapon saying the Dark Side always wins. We are given hope though as we are taken back to Obi-Won Kenobi’s Tattoine home where there is a trunk with Luke’s name on it. I was always curious how Luke improved his skills with the Force and a lightsaber between Episodes IV and V; hopefully this is going to give us that answer.


So far, the first three issues of Star Wars comic run have been an explosive hit, at least with me, and has delivered everything I could ask for from the franchise. By the end of this issue all of the characters are who we remembered them as from the films, and the story is moving forward in a great way that we can see is leading to where we know it needs to be. I will most certainly continue following this series and I hope that Darth Vader and Princess Leia’s series can fall into place as well.


Article by: Joseph Murillo/ Murillo