Review: The Walking Dead #132: Happiness (Spoilers)


Issue #132 of The Walking Dead debuted today and introduced a new threat to our group of survivors, but first let’s have a quick recap incase anyone isn’t caught up yet. Rick and Carl are still at The Hilltop with Maggie and Glenn Jr., Carl is getting settled in to start his blacksmith apprenticeship and Rick is taking his time saying bye before heading back to Alexandria. Maggie had sent a small group to look for Ken who was left behind by an injured Marco, who was talking about the Roamers (Zombies) whispering. The group had found Ken’s clothes in an abandoned barn before being ambushed by Roamers. Andrea was left to hold down the fort in Alexandria where Negan is still locked up and a new group of survivors lead by a woman named Magna was settling in. The new group that just arrived had kidnapped Andrea to ask questions of their own.


image4Now that we are all on the same page, issue #132: Happiness picks up with Andrea being taken by the new group who are demanding answers of their own. Andrea is more than willing to answer them but flexes her own muscles and makes it clear that if she is harmed no one in Magna’s group will leave Alexandria alive. Sadly, this is all we get to see of Andrea and Magna’s group. I was hoping to go a little further into their discussion and find out what Magna wants to know.


We leave the tension filled confrontation between Andrea and Magna for a brief respite with Rick, Maggie, Carl, Sophia, and Glenn Jr. Everyone is enjoying the well deserved “peace” that has allowed Alexandria, Hilltop and The Kingdom to flourish since Negan’s imprisonment. It’s really nice to see everyone moving forward after all the fighting and lose they endured during “All Out War” and Glenn Jr. is definitely growing up to be a cute kid. Despite Carl saying that sitting around watching the Sunset is boring they can all agree it is still very enjoyable.


image2Thankfully this short pause is interrupted by the Group sent out to search for Ken who were ambushed by the Roamers in the barn. The group seems well versed in dealing with being out numbered by Roamers and quickly get into their formation and begin cutting their way through the horde. Everything seems like business as normal, even upon seeing a Roamer carrying a knife doesn’t faze them. Things finally get interesting though when the knife-wielding Roamer dodges one of the groups sword and takes a swing at him.


Things start to go wrong when more than one Roamer start acting differently and the group panics. The knife-wielding Roamers dispatch all but one of the group and start to talk. The final survivor kills one of the talking Roamers and discovers that it’s someone wearing a Roamer’s skin as a mask. Sadly he gets captured as soon as he makes his discovery.


With everything relatively peaceful aside from Magna interrogating Andrea things were a bit too slow, however with this latest development and the promise of a new threat things have definitely gotten interesting. We’ve learned that the Living is far more dangerous than the Dead especially when they use the Dead to their Advantage. How will this new method of blending in with the Dead work against Rick and his group who believe that they have seen it all. All in all, issue #132: Happiness was a solid step forward, and I can’t wait to see how things work out between Magna and Andrea, and how soon Rick and the others are introduced to the “Whispering Roamers.”


-Joseph Murillo