Review: The Walking Dead #133: Impending Doom


The Walking Dead issue #133 is titled ” Impending Doom,”  and that is very much an appropriate title for the build-up that occurs within its pages. The previous issue left us with Carl getting settled at The Hilltop and everyone enjoying a moment of peace, which we all know never lasts very long. We were also following a group looking for a missing man when Walkers ambush them, but in a great twist there are people hiding amongst them wearing Walker suits.


I’m amazed that after all this time Robert Kirkman still manages to find new stories and character developments to keep this series strong after so many issues, you would think by now that he wouldn’t be able to think of new dangers for the group. However, these “Whispering Walkers” are a great threat, it mixes two dangers that Rick and his group have faced separately into something they haven’t seen before. Grant, wearing Walker guts to hide amongst them is a trick we’ve seen used defensively but not to the point were masks were sown onto their heads.


By the end of the issue we know that Rick and his group are going to be caught off guard, which rarely happens, because this trick is working on the sentries that are patrolling the area and keeping it safe. Rick and the others seem to all have lost a step in their moment of peace, with Andrea so easily captured by the newcomers for questioning. Speaking of which, I feel that whole episode didn’t really amount to much yet other than recounting how badass Carl and the others are and what happened to get the communities to where they are now. I really hope that the newcomers to the community will amount to something, whether a powerful ally or a new challenge to over come.


Within the last two issues I have a renewed interest and a wealth of question I’m dying to be answered, like who are the “Whispering Walkers?” What land was supposedly theirs? Were there people killed when Ricks group of herding the Walkers and clearing out areas? And probably most importantly how many “Whispering Walkers” are there? Will they really pose as much of a threat as it seems they will?

Even though there are new threats to worry about and new characters to get to know; Kirkman hasn’t forgotten about his core group of survivors. At this point you would think he has run out of character development for Carl, Andrea, Maggie, Rick, and the others but a good portion of this issue touched on them and the everyday challenges they are dealing with. Even though it was brief, we got to catch up with Eugene and Rosita as they both deal with Rosita’s pregnancy and they fact it was with another man, which I’m guessing is Abraham. Eugene’s solution makes sense in theory but secrets always prove a difficult thing to handle.


I was glad that we got to read the letter Anna gave to Carl before he left to Hilltop and learn that even after all this time he is still a teen and girls are a big part of his world. As far as we know Anna was the first girl Carl saw topless and to hear that it made “Carl Grimes (!!!!!!)” feel uncomfortable was fun and enlightening. It is easy to tell that Sophia may have strong feelings for Carl as well so he won’t escape the girl troubles that all teens have and it will be nice to see how much the younger generation has been changed and influenced by this new world order.


Overall, The Walking Dead 133: Impending Doom lives up to its name as it sets up the next stage for our survivors both in the world around them and within their personal lives. It is impressive how Kirkman can find new ways to build us up even though as readers we should know by now there are few happy endings.


By: Joseph Murillo