Review: The Walking Dead 134: From Whispers to Screams


In the last issue of The Walking Dead the Whispering Walkers ambushed Maggie’s rescue team. This new threat seemed pretty legitimate considering how well they had been dispatching the scouts that protected the Hilltop. Carl and Sophia were enjoying living together in the Hilltop while Rick headed out back to his own camp. In this month’s issue #134: From Whispers to Screams, we pick up with Maggie’s rescue team fighting off the Whispering Walkers.


TWD134Sadly, as much as I enjoyed this fight sequence, I was disappointed that one man could fight off the group of Whispering Walkers. Not only did he hold his own against the Whisperer’s he also fended off normal Walkers at the same time with relative ease from what I can tell. I can understand that maybe these Whispering Walkers never really had to fight their prey before, always having the element of surprise on their side but they really didn’t pose much of a challenge. By the end of the fight sequence all but one of the Whisperers was dead, one captured and a wounded member of the rescue team saved from being eaten alive.


I’ll feel sort of stupid saying in my review for issue 133 that the Whispering Walkers seemed like a great new threat, apparently they were just filler while we wait for a new big bad to show up. I can understand that we don’t want to have a Governor or Negan every story arc but I hope we don’t have to go long without a true threat to the group. Now this issue was not all disappointment, Kirkman lowered the threat level on one situation and drastically raised it on another.


Kirkman does a great job leading us to believe that the greatest threat to the group is outside of the community that they built only to remind us that danger is everywhere. Gregory questions Maggie’s leadership and it is easy to tell that this isn’t the first time that it’s happened. I predict an internal power struggle happening at the Hilltop happening very soon. Carl and Sophia are reminded to always be on guard, even if they are enjoying an afternoon talking and reminiscing.


The two bullies that Sophia beat up protecting another kid decide to ambush them for revenge, they goes as far as to imply that they may kill her and say it was self defense. Carl is bashed in the back of the head with a brick and runs off leaving Sophia to defend herself briefly as the two boys mock “The Carl Grimes.” Sophia puts up a good fight but is over powered by the two boys who get in a shot or two.


However, these two boys probably picked the absolute worse person to mess with, Carl quickly comes back with a shovel in hand and commences a Grimes beat down that would put Rick to shame. I know a lot of people think Rick or Michonne are the most badass characters in the comic but I think Carl is a true force to be reckoned with, especially when you mess with someone he cares about. Carl proceeds to beat the two boys to death while Sophia watches somewhat frightened.61E


The issue concludes with the what’s left of the rescue team making back to the Hilltop with a prisoner and Carl helping a beaten and bleeding Sophia to Maggie saying that she was attacked and that he may have killed the two boys. Carl’s actions are certainly going to have heavy consequences despite his noble intentions.


Even though the outside threats didn’t prove to be as daunting as they first appeared they are still dangerous to the group when they are compounded with the threats that seem to be building within the community. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue and it sadly has nothing to do with the Whispering Walkers anymore.


By: Joseph Murillo