Ryse: Son of Rome- Game Review.


Geek Nation, the XBOX One is here and the games are out and they are fantastic. The one game that I have been playing and enjoying the heck out of is Ryse: Son of Roam. This game has seen a few reviews already; some good and some bad. But before we get started let me explain that I’m a gamer that loves games for games and not because I’m paid for an opinion. Now, I have played some bad games and I have played some great games but I feel not all games deserve the crap they get, but a celebration of what these people spend years of there life developing, I hope you agree.

OK, now that’s out of the way- let’s do this.

Ryse is a fun, repetitive game that has it’s highs and its lows, but is a game that can be revisited a few times.  The game starts out with you in the present time and follows you in the past and the decisions you made to get you to the point you are at in the beginning of the game. The game plays and feels like your playing through a full length feature film. RyseComparisonNew

Lets first talk about the Graphics of the game. These graphics show the power of the XBOX One and what potential the system has. The graphics are smooth and movie quality from the flawless transfer from cut scene to actual in game play. The graphics look like a high quality animation that is up there with the animated Beowulf film. The lowest point of the graphics are the fact that you have a total of 5-6 characters that you continually battle with some seldom changes like a different helmet or body paint.  This is where the game gets a little repetitive. If they would of put a little more time in making each character different this would of  been a 5.


Graphics: 4

Let’s discuss the sound effects and soundtrack of Ryse. The effects are top notch and a welcome addition to the game, the actors voice overs and sound effects are spot on with no lag. The soundtrack is amazing and to me the real highlight of the game. It is nothing short of a feature films score not only is it beautiful but a real driving force behind the game and helps drive the emotion behind the action and story.

Sound: 5

Now onto the low point of the game: the controls. The controls are sometimes frustrating and clunky. From the constant button mashing to the weird mini game that follows an execution. It does take a small learning curve to learn how to take down all the different but same characters in the game. My most favorite point in the controls are the shooter style ones for the cross bow style weapon. Though that portion of the game is good it doesn’t help the score on this one Geeks.


Ryse-Son-of-Rome-Wallpaper-Wide-FreeControls: 2.5


Now for the final part of my review the online play. The online play is am adrenalin field slobberknocker that gives you the closest filling you will ever have of being a gladiator at the Colosseum in Rome.  Once you enter the Colosseum you get to fight side-by-side with your friends in dynamic environments, to the roar of ten-thousand spectators.  Your success is all depended on you and how well you perform in front of the spectators and pending on your performance will depend on if you satisfy the fans and get additional gold or bore them and be pelted with rotten fruits. Once you earn enough gold you get to use it to upgrade to better weapons and equipment. I love the online and have enjoyed the hell out of being a gladiator in Roam and I feel you will to.

Online Play: 4.5

Ryse-Son-of-Rome-The-Legend-of-Damocles-6My final impression of Ryse: Son of Rome is that this game delivers what a fun and exciting experience you can hope to see in this next generation of consoles. Though it has some flaws this is a solid game with more high points than it has low. With solid Graphics, an amazing sound track and a fun and engaging online experience gets this game a solid.


Final Score:

4.2 out of 5