San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives Pre-orders, Good idea?


San Diego Comic Con 2014 is nearly upon us, 25 days to be exact. Convention goers are starting to find which movie stars are going to show up, which movies and television shows are going to have panels (still sad there is no Doctor Who panel this year), and what events are going to be going on in or around the convention itself.


However, even with all that to find out and the next big thing people are concerned about aside from trying to still get into Comic Con is what exclusives there are going to be and how to obtain them. Whether you are a regular attendee that likes to get the occasional exclusive or that guy that buy 40 Monster High Dolls to resell on EBay or your own booth at Comic Con, getting your hands on those exclusives is probably the most stressful endeavor there is aside from getting a Comic Con pass to begin with. This year though several retailers are letting people pre-order exclusives ahead of time, most started their pre-order process this past week.

While this will most likely cut down lines at booths like Mattel, Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant, Factory Entertainment, and several others does this take away from the idea that they are exclusive items that we once waited hours in line for? I don’t think so, I’ll be honest and say that I have already pre-ordered a Comic Con exclusive and will be picking it up on the convention floor. Only some retailers are letting people pick up their exclusives at Comic Con, most have it posted that the pre-orders will be shipped after the convention is over. Honestly, I would rather risk not getting the exclusive and walking out of the convention with item in hand than waiting two or 3 months to receive it in the mail but to each their own.

The one thing that I’ve noticed about the Comic Con exclusive pre-orders that is bugging me is there’s an option for Non-Attendee pre-orders. To me that would definitely take away from the idea that whatever item you are trying to get is an exclusive at all. I know these are retailers that are trying to make money here but aren’t the crazy prices we’re paying for the “Exclusive” label on the box enough? Some retailer’s are actually coming out with different variants for Attendee and Non-Attendee exclusives, which does help I suppose. The Exclusive I pre-ordered was one such exclusive. However, what about the exclusives that aren’t going to have variants? Can we really call them exclusives? Personally I think not. I know that not everyone can get to Comic Con but it just doesn’t seem fair to those that were able to go and get these items that you are only supposed to get at Comic Con.

I did notice that while Kotobukiya, one of my favorite booths, is having pre-orders for this years exclusives for both attendee and non-attendee’s, they announced a third exclusive that you can only get if you are going to be at Comic Con. Grant, I’m not a particular fan of the figure, I do think it was a great idea to make sure one of their exclusives was essentially for Attendee’s only.

Like I said before, I think having pre-orders for Comic Con exclusives is a great idea and hopefully it will help cut back lines at popular booths and make things a little more manageable for everyone. I think the next step that really needs to be taken, I know a lot of people won’t like this comment, is an purchase cap on items so that one dude isn’t walking away from Hasbro or Mattel with half of that days inventory only to turn around and sell it at an even higher price. Anyways keep your eyes open for more exclusives being announced over the next 25 days. ONLY 25 MORE DAYS!!!! I know that FUNKO has somewhere around another 30 exclusives to announce. I can’t wait to see you all at San Diego Comic Con 2014!


Article By: Joseph Murillo