SDCC 3DS Pokemon Tournament for Craft Beer Lovers

PK Tournament Poster

Hi Everyone, in my last post I mentioned a 3DS Pokémon Tournament going on during Preview Night of San Diego Comic-Con in Little Italy. Well, I thought I would talk about the meet up a little and the people behind it. What’s the point of having a blog if you aren’t going to write about the things you find incredibly brilliant, right? Who knows maybe I’ll convince some of you to check it out if you didn’t get lucky enough to get into Preview Night and see you there!


PK Tournament Prize 2The SDCC 3DS Pokémon Tournament for Craft Beer Lovers is going to held July 23rd (Preview Night) at Ballast Point in Little Italy (2215 India St. San Diego, CA 92101). The meet up will start at 7pm and will run until roughly 10:30pm. This meet up is for an older crowd since alcohol will be present but anyone is welcome. The organizers do ask that participant’s wee little ones stay home with a babysitter. You can find more information on their Facebook page The meet up has teamed up with Uber, the rideshare & taxi alternative, to offer $20 off your first Uber ride to get you either to or from the tournament safely. Check out the Pokémon tournament’s Facebook page for more details.


This Pokémon Tournament is being put on by a start-up multi-media company called The Squeakend, you can check out their Tumbler page at Therisse VMA and her partner Jorge Amunatigui in 2013 started the Squeakend as a way to create fun, engaging projects that blend multiple forms of art. If you click over to their Tumbler page you will see some of their very adorable photo shoots. Therisse and Jorge are hoping to grow their company and eventually create live interactive events and installations. The SDCC 3DS Pokémon Tournament for Craft Beer Lovers is a test run for The Squeakend. I think it is a terrific idea to test the waters with, I can’t believe someone hadn’t thought of having a tournament like this before.


Therisse VMA has a background in music and film with a strong interest in entertainment with interactive events. She has had her interactive software showcased at Soundwalk Long Beach in 2011. Jorge is Squeakend’s art director and is responsible for the visual aspect of their projects. Jorge has many talents including illustration, graphic design, photography, and home brewing. Jorge created the Pokémon Tournament’s poster as well. The Squeakend also creates labels and copy for WortCraft Brewery, which will be one of the beers given as a prize to winners of the tournament.


PK Tournament PrizeAs awesome as 3DS Pokémon Tournament for Craft Beer Lovers is, it couldn’t be called a tournament without prizes. Of course the prizes are going to reflect the tournament, those that participate will be competing for Shiny/Competitive Pokémon and bottles of craft beers (age allowing).The first place winner will receive three Pokémon and three bottles of beer, Second place will receive two Pokémon and two beers, while the third place winner will receive one Pokémon and one beer. However, everyone that participates in the tournament will get a free poster. If you check out their Facebook page they will be posting pictures of the prizes everyday until the day of the tournament.


Let’s be honest though, getting together with other Pokémon fans and having a few beers is more than enough reason to go. I know that I will be at the first SDCC 3DS Pokémon Tournament for Craft Beer Lovers and hopefully it will not be the last.


Written by Joseph Murillo