STAR WARS (2015) #2 Review


Marvel’s second issue of its main Star Wars comic hit shelves last week along with two other series that have Darth Vader and Princess Leia as the title characters; sadly I have not gotten the chance to read those yet. However, I did manage to get my hands on a digital copy of Star Wars #2 since my shop was sold out. Issue #2 picks up with Han, Leia, and Luke’s plan to sabotage an Imperial factory completely falling apart. Luke finds a group of prisoners being used as slaves and decides to rescue them while Darth Vader shows up.


Chewbacca takes a shot at trying kill Vader but that ended with a very pissed off Sith Lord destroying Chewbacca’s sniping post and sending in the stormtroopers to take care of the rebel scum. Han and Leia are searching for a way to blast out of the factory since C-3PO is having problems with the Millennium Falcon being stripped by Junkers and Luke faces off against Darth Vader as he leads the prisoner to safety.


Now that we are all caught up on the situation, let me say that I had reservations about Luke and Vader facing off right at the start of the comic series but my fears were quickly squashed. Luke proves to be as much as a threat to Vader as the Padawans he slayed at the Jedi Temple were to him and Vader has no problem letting Luke know that. Luke only manages to survive his encounter due to sheer luck and Han and Leia’s interference, Luke still seeking to avenge Obi-won Kenobi does not see he is out classed in every way. I was happy to see that Vader does not start getting inklings to his relation to Luke but he does have a brief recognition to his lightsaber.


Vader proves to be as ruthless as we remember from the original films determined to kill all the rebels and captives, he even resorts to threatening to kill his troopers if they fail and we all know he will. There is a really awesome panel of Vader cutting down a prisoner with Luke’s saber and another with his own saber while force choking a few others at the same time. It really shows how formidable Vader really is, something the original films couldn’t show to that degree (don’t get me wrong, I think Vader is one of the greatest villains in film history). I don’t want to give away all of Vader’s awesomeness in a review but it continues through out the rest of the issue.


Let’s switch focus to Han and Leia, they manage to steal an At-At Imperial Walker and start blasting their way out of the factory. While this is totally in character for Han and to have Leia constantly berating nagging him is classic Star Wars material, I felt it was a wasted chance to show off what Leia is really capable of. I would have preferred that Leia was with the C-3PO and fighting off the Junkers while the droid bumbled around. All the scenes with C-3PO dealing with the Junkers seem like wasted space to me, it seemed like it was trying to be the comic relief story line but I would be preferred to see more of Luke fighting off Stormtroopers and remembering he is a farm boy that can bullseye womp rats.


I really don’t want to give away all the amazing moments that happen in this issue because it is just too awesome to ruin, so I won’t go into anymore than this but I will say that if you had reservations about reading the series this issue will certainly change your mind. What I love most about this series so far is that it gives us more reasons to fear Darth Vader as the ultimate villain we believed him to be in Episode IV. This is definitely a series that is only going to reinforce the original movie trilogy and get people hyped for more Star Wars Action.


Article by: Joseph Murillo