Fanime Coverage – Day 1

FanimeCon Coverage

FANIME COVERAGE DAY 1 – FRIDAY 1:00 PM: day 1 has officially begun, but before making my way towards stage zero for the opening ceremonies I decided to swing by the gaming hall. Those of you who have been to any of the larger cons are probably familiar with the massive expanse if tabletop, arcade
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Cartoon Network vs Parent’s TV Council: Not All Cartoons are Created Equal.


  I came across this interesting read, while cruising Crunchyroll:   Long story short, the PTV (Parent’s Television Council) is gunning for Cartoon Network. No surprise there, considering PTV is about (and I say this as nicely as I can) limiting the graphic media that young ones should be viewing, and Cartoon Network is
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Winter Anime 2014, Mid Season Recap.


Hey Geek Nation! If you’re an anime watcher, you know that we’re already at the mid-season point for the Winter 2014 shows. Around mid-season viewers already know which shows they will be sticking with, dropping, or forming some very passionate opinions about. Below is our mid-season recap of the Winter 2014 anime!   We’re going
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Anime Watch List – 2/7/14


Greetings Geek Nation! Welcome to my first edition of Mith’s anime watch list! Watch this space every Friday for reviews on the latest anime and recommendations for anime series and movies old and new alike! We’ll kick off with a review of the latest installment of Kill la Kill. Of course, starting off with the discretionary warning that EXCESSIVE
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