Kill La Kill Recap + Review of Episode 16

Kill La Kill

In 2009, Hiroyuki Yamaga, GAINAX board director, descended upon Fanime (the 2nd largest anime convention on the west coast) along with the lion’s share of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan’s production staff and voice actors. At the time I was running around with a press badge thanking the gods for the opportunity to be front and
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Naruto: Kakashi, Shadow of ANBU Arc.


I think it’s a long standing, and agonizing, joke among the anime community that the Naruto anime is king of filler arcs- even toppling Dragon Ball. To break the news yet again, the Naruto anime will be hitting another filler arc before continuing onto the original manga/source material. Good news though (try to calm all
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The Unspoken Rules of Anime and Manga


Without disclosing, exactly how old of a geezer I am (which really isn’t old, I just like to say I am) I like to say I have watched many of arcs of anime, and started and completed manga series (as they released!) that bode an easy 30 volume count….To say the least, anime and manga
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