OK Geeks today I aim to misbehave a little. In 2002 writer- director Joss Whedon came up with a little show that you all may have heard of :Firefly. We all know the story and fate of the show but let me refresh your memory and in a brief moment open some old wounds. Firefly debuted on
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Review: Birthright #2

Birthright Issue 2 feature image

Skybound Comic’s second issue of their fantasy series Birthright hit the shelves this week. It picks up right where it left off, with Mikey still in the interrogation room. His family is still debating if it is Mikey or if he knows anything about their child’s disappearance. While the first issue focused on introducing us to the
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Review: Birthright #1


Within the last few weeks there has been tons of news about superhero movies and their respective comics.  This makes it easy to forget that there are many other genres of comics. Skybound and Image Comics released their first issue of their new fantasy series, Birthright. At first look this comic is a fantasy story
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