GamerGate: Where It All Went Wrong.


What is GamerGate? Lately this hastag, and group, has exploded all over social media and the internet- it is known as GamerGate. Cute, somebody knows history and wants to make a play on the Water Gate scandal. This should give you a pretty good understanding of what GamerGate FIRST started as. Between all the social
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Folklore a Music Guild


We like video games, we like playing video games, and more often than not, you like the sound track to your video games. Bet you a dollar you have Skyrim’s opening theatric score on your playlist, or maybe a Tetris remix; I’m willing to venture you may have the opening tunes to your favorite anime on that playlist, or even a few songs from your favorite movie- that’s how much you like your video game and geek themed music.

Geektrum is proud to present to you: Folklore, a music guild based out of San Diego, CA.

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Cartoon Network vs Parent’s TV Council: Not All Cartoons are Created Equal.


  I came across this interesting read, while cruising Crunchyroll:   Long story short, the PTV (Parent’s Television Council) is gunning for Cartoon Network. No surprise there, considering PTV is about (and I say this as nicely as I can) limiting the graphic media that young ones should be viewing, and Cartoon Network is
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