The Darker Side to Gaming


Ever felt a reigning sense of doom where everything around you feels like it’s slowly peeling away from reality, and any form of motivation suddenly becomes obsolete? Imagine having that feeling on a daily basis. No, no, not the same dreadful feeling as heartbreak, but picture a daily dose of being heartbroken without ever knowing
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XBOX ONE Anniversary.


Geek Nation it has be a year since Microsoft released its next-gen game console the XBOX ONE. Since its release the system has seen more ups and downs than a day time soap opera; but the ups out weigh the downs. For example one of the biggest wins the system has had over the past
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GamerGate: Where It All Went Wrong.


What is GamerGate? Lately this hastag, and group, has exploded all over social media and the internet- it is known as GamerGate. Cute, somebody knows history and wants to make a play on the Water Gate scandal. This should give you a pretty good understanding of what GamerGate FIRST started as. Between all the social
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