XBOX ONE Revisited


Geeknation, it has been 6 months now since Microsoft released its entry to the Next Gen with the XBOX ONE. When we had our first impressions, I said that the system had a ton of ambition and potential. Now do I still feel that way? Well to answer that question I do. Since its launch,
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Ryse: Son of Rome- Game Review.


Geek Nation, the XBOX One is here and the games are out and they are fantastic. The one game that I have been playing and enjoying the heck out of is Ryse: Son of Roam. This game has seen a few reviews already; some good and some bad. But before we get started let me
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Xbox One: First Impressions


OK now we all know that Friday was one of the biggest days in gaming this year. The release of the Xbox One was everything that you could imagine. There were some happy gamers and there were some that were frustrated. I for one was an extremely excited and happy gamer when I got my
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