The International 2015- DOTA 2 Championships


The International– DOTA 2 Championship- is right around the corner as many of you know, and the hype is starting to build as DOTA players start to dump time and lots of money into the new shiny compendiums. With the epic turnout of last year and the unexpected ESPN coverage, fans are expecting much more from the coming blood bath. The newest patch (6.84) is throwing the game into chaos with the addition of some new kick ass items and upgrades to our favorite oldies.

International-3-Announcement[1]As far as the upgrades go, I am a big fan of the new Aghanim scepter on Alchemist. This particular hero is going to throw things for a loop. I am really hoping to see some Alchemist play during the International, just so I can see a team of seven slotted heroes wrecking team fights and laughing all the way to the enemy ancient. With the new scepter upgrade Alchemist has the ability to farm one up and bestow it on any member of his team, ultimately giving them a free scepter that doesn’t take up an item slot, and allowing Alchemist to wreck face vicariously through his teammates. While building Alchemist like this is risky, I think the payoff in the end is totally worth it. The rate at which he can farm with Greevil’s greed and a Hand of Midas is out of this world. Seeing it first hand in a match I played the other night really gave me faith that the pros could pull it off.


In said match, my team was leading at 20 minutes in until the next team fight when we discovered that Alchemist only had a Midas and brown boots. We all laughed at first and jumped right in and that’s where it took a turn for the worst. In about 4 seconds, our team was annihilated by a Queen of Pain and an Earth Shaker ult. Both heroes already had a scepter applied to them giving them more than enough power to roll over us at 20 minutes. By the time, the 35-minute mark rolled around the game was over and we were left crying tears of sadness and maybe a little shame all over our keyboards. Needless to say, even though we lost, I still commended the Alchemist for being a boss and doing something that I thought would never work in a real match.


As for the compendium, I think its 10 times better than the ones released in previous Internationals. They released it much earlier which gives the community plenty of time to get all of the new immortal items and special upgrades. This year the compendium has no level limit, which means that the more time and money you put in – the more immortals you will take out. I have a few friends who bought their way up over level 200 in the first day, and its people like them who are going to push the prize pool up into another record breaking state. TI4 (last years International) broke a record for the biggest prize pool in esports history. The winners and runner-ups split a prize of over 10 million dollars, and with the way this years is going I am estimating that we can reach 15 million, maybe even more!

47g5po1Another cool addition to the compendium is a coin exchange system where players get coin drops after every game depending on if they complete the challenge given to them during the match. Challenges include things like getting at least 75 last hits, healing your team for 3000 hp or more, getting at least one tower deny, and placing at least 8 observer wards during a single match. These challenges not only give you coins by completing them and winning the match, they also make your team work harder and better together.

My favorite challenges are the support based ones. Ward placement in casual matches is hard to come by on a regular basis, and warding is one of the most important aspects of the matches. Without vision of the map its hard to set up ganks and take advantage of the other teams mistakes. Wards win games almost as much as farmed carries do. The new challenges force people to play better supports in order to win the prize, therefore making the game more enjoyable for the entire team. The new compendium has brought many great changes to the game and has the potential for great payouts to the community as long as we put in the time and maybe a bit of money. So get online and get to work!

Check out this video below on some of the new Alchemist+Scepter mechanics!

I am so excited for this years event and can’t wait until August finally arrives. Keep an eye out for more articles on the International and the teams participating! A war is coming and soon we will see who takes home the money and the title!

Until then, stay geeky my friends!

Article by Cassie Willis/Miss Vixen