Indie Film Spotlight on The Horde: Remembrance

True Indie Films



Hello Geek Nation,

How the hell are you guys? Today I wanted to share with you guys an indie film company that I have been following for a long time now, and their name is True Indie films. They are responsible for one of my favorite indie films AFK: Heroes of Prophecy. Now they are back with a kick starter for there newest film the sequel to The Horde: Desolation, simply named The Horde: Remembrance.

Below is what the movie is about and why the kick starter campaign, straight from the Director and creator himself Josh Jones,

“How will you live in the days, months, even years following day 0?  That is the question I bring up with “The Horde”.  Back in the days of standard definition video I started to create a series of short films, six to be exact.  Each short film would follow a different group of people as they try to live their lives after the world has fallen apart and people are turning into cannibalistic freaks.  I wanted to not show the normal horror idea of just people being eaten, but the horrific things people will do and must do to survive.
The money that I am trying to raise now will go into funding the second project in this movie series.  In this part of The Horde we will follow a young couple, who are trying to make it on their own.  Since most of the population can not be trusted any more.  Like I said above, this isn’t about the horror of being chased, but the horror of how their lives are now.”

Does this sound awesome to you if so check out the first film The Horde: Desolation below.

I think you all will like it.


And if you like this film and would like to see another check out this link for The Horde: Remembrance Kick Starter right here.

If you like this short film Geeks then you should really check out there first full length film AFK: Heroes of Prophecy.

Till next time, stay geeky.



Article by: Shane Holly (Obiwon)

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