This Weeks Movie Recommendation: Star Wars- Who Doesnt Want to Watch It?



Geek Nation! Today I bring you something a little different than the usual post about whats going on in the world of being a geek. I thought I would start a weekly column featuring a film that I highly recommend you all seeing even if you have already seen it a million times. There will be some typical Sci-Fi and Fantasy and sometimes I’ll throw you a curve ball a give you something that you may have never herd of.

Why Obiwon, would you do this? Well thank you for asking Geeks! Well I’m a huge movie buff and I watch a lot of movies- I mean a lot of movies, any where from 3-5 a day pending if I have an open schedule for that day. If that’s the case then it’s more like 5-7.   So, I thought I would come here and share some of my all-time favorites, talk about them and give some cool facts about the film some you may not even know about.

Today  the first recommended film of the week I feel you should see- for the first time or for the millionth time-is the film that really made me the geek I am today.   It won 5 Academy Award  for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Costume Design, Best Sound, Best Film Editing, Best Effects, Visual Effects and of course Best Music, Original Score.

Now this was all in 1978 and that film is Star Wars: Ep IV A New Hope.

Now before Lucas decided to take and change this film to what we have today on Blu-Ray, this film was a crowning achievement in film making and changed the way movie are made today.

One of the coolest fun facts about this film is in the scene when Chewbacca first enters the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon he hits his head on a pair of dangling chrome dice in the exact place where the rear view mirror would be if it were a car. Don’t believe me go back and watch the film and if you don’t want to do that here is a photo of it for your viewing pleasure.

Chrome Chewy

Pretty cool huh?

Toshiro MifuneAlso did you know that George Lucas originally wanted to cast a Japanese actor , Toshiro alec-guinness-star-wars-obi-wanMifune , as Obi-Wan Kenobi instead of the man that don the robe and played the Jedi Master, Sir Alec Guinness?


To me Star Wars is one of the all-time great films and is considered a Space Opera.  But in 1978 according to the Golden Globes and Oscars Star Wars was considered a Drama? Yup a Sci-Fi Space Opera a Drama. Interesting stuff.

Well Geeks I hope you have enjoyed this little walk down Star Wars memory lane with me and I hope you learned something new that you didn’t know about? So get out there and enjoy Star War: Ep IV A New Hope this week and let us know if you see something you didn’t the first 100 times you’ve seen this film.

Till next time May the Force Be With You and Stay Geeky Geek Nation.

By: Shane Holly/Obiwon
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