This Weeks Movie Recommendation: The Zero Theorem


Whats up Geek Nation?

This week have I got a great film for you. One that many of you may have never of heard of. That film is The Zero Theorem staring Christoph Waltz and the film is directed by one of my all-time favorite directors Terry Gilliam.

This is Gilliam’s first film since The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which was the last film the great Heath Ledger did.

The-Zero-Theorem-2013The film follows Waltz’s character, Qohen Leth, a hugely talented but socially isolated computer operator that is tasked by Management to prove the Zero Theorem: that the universe in the end returns to nothing, rendering life ultimately meaningless…but such meaning is what he already craves.

The film was released in October 3rd, 2014 in limited release and was a hit with Gilliam’s fans and critics alike.

Here are some cool facts about the film:

  • “Scriptwriter Pat Rushin and his wife Mary can be seen as extras in one scene. They’re visible in the background, sitting on a park bench. Mary is reading a newspaper and Pat is writing on a briefcase. He’s actually writing lines for the scrolling “Mancom Motivational” messages seen throughout the film.”
  • “Many were convinced that Robin Williams appears on one of the billboards at the beginning of the movie (at around 4 mins) as the spokesman for the Church of Batman the Redeemer, but Terry Gilliam has since said that it’s definitely not him. It might instead be percussionist Ray Cooper who has worked with Gilliam before and has been mentioned as having been involved in The Zero Theorem.”

Interesting stuff?

The one thing about this film that stands out for me isn’t the amazing job Waltz did or the fantastic score, but the cinematography. The film is such a beautiful piece of art and a true Gilliam film. From the special effects to the amazing colors Terry draws you in and gives you a place you can find its beauty in even if it is a place you would never want to live.

So check it out this week and let us know what you think of the film.

Till next week; keep being geeky.

Article By: Shane Holly/Obiwon2296

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