Thor: A Dark Work- Geektrum Movie Review


I’m going to flood the internet with one more Thor: A Dark World movie review.

Before moving forward, I have to say that I went to this particular film for Loki (and my little lego Loki key chain jingling proudly on my purse), and while at my Thor viewing I noticed something….The theater was freaking jam packed with WOMEN.Generally, whenever I go to comic book movies the female geek is a rare creature.  We tend to travel with a massive herd of male geeks, and our numbers are sparse; but going to this Thor movie clearly said something different. I’ll touch on this a little later in a different article.

Let’s get to my thoughts on the film, and I’m not going to beat around the bush: I enjoyed the film, I think I enjoyed it more than the first one, but there were some things that could stand for improvement.


First off, a lot of people may want to laugh that the main villain in this film was a dark elf. An elf? How scary can they be! You can take it as a joke, but I on the other hand, really enjoyed this.  People

forget through all the laser beams and general macho comic book magic, and Thor’s story is strongly based on mythology. Malekith is an original Thor comic book villain, and it was interesting to see Marvel pull this choice. I think A Dark World, did an amazing job of finally hitting that mythology theme home, and delivered a well presented Asgard.

Truthfully, I think I enjoyed A Dark World much more then the first Thor film. While the first film was more contained, and about a god stranded away from his home. I felt jibbed the entire time. I couldn’t see anything EPIC happen, just bits and pieces of an amazing world that was inserted into a boring town in New Mexico. A Dark World gave me what I wanted to see: something OTHER than Earth. The audience was able to see Asgard- it was something more than just a throne room. Asgard was a full blown realm, filled with people, new technology propelled by magics, new culture.  It was a lot of fun to get the amazing backdrops of Asgard, and those long sweeping views of the bifrost.AsgardDarkWorld


I had always thought Thor was cut short in character development, and that the audience never could really connect with him in the first film. He was dumped in an environment that was no his own, and though the whole point was for him to adapt and grow as a person, I think understanding his culture and background really helps a viewer understand Thor.

Seeing Thor in Asgard, and even seeing Asgard in general, was a nice touch done by Marvel in this film. It just goes to prove that the universe is larger then thought (9 in total!) and Earth is just part of the chain. Frankly, if the movie didn’t give me as much time in Asgard, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much.

Also, I have to say, watching the funeral scene really worked for me. Strange, I know, but there was something oddly memorizing watching such a classic death send off done in this film. It was gorgeous to see the boats flots out into the sea, set on fire, and then disperse into shiny space particles, joining into the universe. I loved the scene, it was touching, sad, and showed sides to these characters that is very rarely seen.

2013-movie-preview-thor-the-dark-worldAs part of the Loki fangirl legion, I was pleased to see my favorite God of Mischief to get a ton of screen time. I felt Loki’s character was well played, and given some appropriate dimension. We always knew Loki was a trouble maker, and had bit of a crazy side, but seeing him pushed to that brink was interesting. Generally, he is very calm and collected, but we were given a small glimpse of full blown chaos in this movie. Yet, Loki was able to reign it in, and with his wonderful one track mind, plotted ways to find himself on the throne. Though, as much as I love Loki, I would have liked to see other possible enemies of Thor. Yes, we have to worry about the Dark Elves, but in reality, I think the audience was more invested with Loki as the villain. Sometimes, I had to take a step back and remind myself that Loki is not the main antagonist in this film, but he was certainly pulling major strings.

I may have loved the world building, the inside look to Asgard, tons of Loki screen time, and even surprising character growth  from Thor, but there were a few things that I was not crazy over.

First: I just cant get over Jane, I don’t like her. I wasn’t a big fan of her character in the first film, and I felt she was totally unnecessary. As much as I enjoyed this move, the fact that Jane was the most painfully obvious plot device mover was big annoyance to me. Thor and Jane just dont seem like a very convincing couple, the characters were simply written to be together because they had to be. The couple just seems to fizzle out, or oddly mismatched. Opposed to Tony and Pepper, who I love to see together, and are very well paired to one another.

Second: I love Lady Sif- I don’t care what anyone says, she belongs with Thor. It’s just the way it has to be! But regardless, what irritated me most about this film was this love triangle set up between Thor, Sif, and Jane.  Early in the move its being strongly insinuated that Thor needs to ditch the mortal, take Sif to bed, and make her his queen (AGREED). It’s also blatantly obvious that Sif has feelings for Thor, that go beyond loyalty and admiration- the girl likes him more than just a brother in arms.

The fact that Sif and Jane share a moment (really, just a moment of glances at each other) escalates the love triangle situation. Each woman is totally aware of the other, and those glances weren’t just passing glances, those  tm-04029_rwere “that’s the competition,” glances. Fortunately, the move didn’t play out on the love triangle drama beyond that. Which, I am grateful for, because –regardless of my preference- Jane is a permanent character, and partner for Thor. But my whole thinking for this is: if you’re not going to do down that route, why even make such an obvious set up? I’m just hoping we don’t see a bitch fight for Thor break out in the third film.

As fun as Darcy and her intern, Ian, are- I just don’t think they needed that much screen time. I know people will hate me for saying that, but the time could have been better used on other characters and plot development.

I love the wardrobe and costuming in this flick…but make up….argh. Im not sure who was in charge of Loki’s foundation, but they caked that shit on him SO HEAVY. E5veryone else looked pretty natural, you could tell Loki had took a swim in foundation powder.

And one last thing that made me scratch my head during the new Thor film: The Asgardians were able to defeat the Dark Elves over 5,00o years ago. Yet, when the hibernating for a couple thousand years Dark Elves (who have not been able to update their technology or tactics) attack the mighty Asgardians…they had no idea what to do. This is a race the Asgardians have conquered over, and have thousands of years of progression on- please tell me why the hell we’re all having such a hard time!?

As always stick around after the credits for more teasing information on what Marvel plans on showing us next. Marvel’s is back at their amazing story interweaving, setting us all up for future films. The fact that they are introducing the Collector, is major plot point. Marvel is setting up their universe for the Infinity Gems, and a big Thanos reveal .I am so pumped for that arc!

But all in all, Thor: A Dark World was an enjoyable film, and I will most likely be going back to see it again.

Geektrum rating: 4/5 stars. Go see it!