Titanfall First Impressions


By now most of you have had a chance to play Titanfall. I have and I just wanted to talk about my experience and maybe help those of you that haven’t picked up a copy.

First off, in my opinion, this game is one of the best games I have played within the past 5 years. It defines the Next Gen Multiplayer experience Microsoft and Sony promised us. If your a gamer looking to play through a single player campaign then this isn’t the game your looking for. Titanfall is all about team work and multiplayer.

titanfall-art1The multiplayer campaign for this game is just amazing. Playing through via co-op allows you to join other online players and fight against real players as your opponents. Your team battles together through the story to complete the objectives for each mission. Failing a mission gives your team a chance to meet with a drop ship and get away unscathed. If you’re on the losing end prepare to fight your way to survive till your drop ship shows up. If you’re killed in the process, you get to watch as a spectator until either the drop ship leaves or until the other team blows it out of the sky.

The weapons and Titans are just pure awesomeness. The feeling you get going from foot soldier to a Titan pilot is epic and seamless. Your controls don’t change too much but your jump button turns into a dash button for your Titan. The battles are chaotic and just pure freaking fun. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this beast unravels.



As for the Graphics holy shit these are some of the best graphics on the Xbox One. With Titanfall being a first generation game, I wasn’t expecting it to be of this high caliber. I can’t wait to see what other games are going to look like when Microsoft and the Developers open this baby up and put it on full throttle.


So Geeks what are your first impressions of TITANFALL? Let us know.